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How HoldRite Designs Firestop Systems for Safety, Effectiveness and Ease of Use

holdrite firestop sleeve on site

Firestop systems are vital to protecting building occupants in the event of a fire. With thoughtful design by a reputable manufacturer, they also help protect property against fire, smoke and water damage.

As an engineer, a firestop system helps to maintain your reputation of providing quality, safety and efficiency. As a manufacturer that regularly engages customers and solicits input, HoldRite has designed its HydroFlame firestop solutions with versatility, durability and safety in mind. And when HydroFlame Pro is included in specifications, you can trust the contractors on the job site will have everything they need for an effective firestop system.

Designing a Cohesive Firestop System

When designing new firestop products, HoldRite’s product development team focuses on making solutions fast and intuitive to deliver upon the needs of installers, while also focusing on:

Cost Effectiveness and Speed

While these engineering products are best-in-class, we are also conscious of the ultimate total installation costs for customers, which is why speed and ease of use are so important.

Product Integration

On the job site, it’s not uncommon to see firestop systems from different manufacturers used together. While it’s acceptable to use HydroFlame products for penetration firestopping with other code compliant solutions, there may be no need since we offer everything installers require for firestop penetrations — sleeves, sealants, wraps, putty pads and more. You can have peace of mind knowing the system you specify works seamlessly together.

For example, HydroFlame Pro Series sleeves can be used in either a flat-formed concrete slab or in a fluted/corrugated metal deck by simply adding a metal deck adapter plate. Or if a 2-inch tall water dam is desired, simply thread in a water dam accessory to the threaded top of the sleeve.

What You Can Expect from HoldRite

Engineers can rest assured HydroFlame products are UL Listed, field proven, cost effective and readily available. HoldRite sleeves provide for watertight (UL W-rated) floor penetrations and acoustic noise dampening capabilities. Engineers and architects also gain a wide array of complementary support services, including assistance with specification authorship via MasterSpec and similar tools.

When choosing HoldRite products for the job, you get a full array of CAD and BIM-ready content, installation detail drawings, installation instructions and technical test data. We also provide select training for continuing education units and offer contractors help to ensure the intent of the project specs are successfully realized onsite.

How We Keep Specifiers’ Firestopping Needs in Mind

HoldRite understands the trials and challenges faced by engineers every day because we’re walking the job sites with customers and collecting feedback to inform products. Specifier clients appreciate firestop products that are safe, effective, UL Listed and simple to understand. Because of this, HoldRite solutions truly make the lives of specifiers and installers easier, whether on the job site or in the fab shop.

Most recently, the HydroFlame system expanded to include UL Listed tub boxes with enhanced versatility and large diameter sleeves (up to 12-inch pipe size) to give pros more versatility in the field.

Learn more about the HydroFlame firestopping system today by finding a rep in your area.