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Save Time and Gain Long-Term ROI With PEX Supports


What Is PEX?

As a hard-working contractor striving to provide the best services and products to clients, you are always seeking out new building materials and methods. Efficiency, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness are all key values you look for when selecting new materials to use – but it can be difficult to find one that checks all three boxes.

There is a solution to your plumbing and construction needs: cross-linked polyethylene, or PEX. This tubing material is revolutionary for several reasons:

  • PEX is cheaper than copper and other tubing materials
  • PEX is easy to work with
  • PEX tubing leaks less than other materials
  • PEX can handle low temperatures without bursting

PEX seems to be the solution for affordable, simple installation and quick construction project completion. However, PEX requires additional support to operate at its full potential. Since it is a flexible product that can bend and kink easily, PEX needs brackets and fittings for installation.

Luckily, HoldRite produces several innovative PEX support products. These products will help you execute large construction or plumbing projects quickly and easily.

Benefits of PEX Supports

Our unique line of PEX Supports offers multiple benefits to contractors looking for simple piping solutions. These products can:

  • Reduce the need for in-wall fittings
  • Minimize concealed joints for a beautiful project finish
  • Protect your stub-outs from further damage
  • Provide a flame-free environment at stub-outs


In addition, these products do not require a torch for installation. With these supports, you can quickly install PEX tubing regardless of other materials you may use. In fact, you can even use these PEX Supports with PEX-to-copper stub-outs. Our products are universal and simple-to-use, compatible with all PEX manufacturers. Even the most amateur team member can use HoldRite’s PEX Supports effectively.

PEX Supports’ Time-Saving Capabilities

With PEX piping, you will need to quickly attach it to different fixtures during the installation process. This will reduce the risk of kinks in the piping itself. Getting rid of a difficult kink or finding a kink, later on, will cost a lot of time to fix.

With our PEX Supports, you can ensure that long runs of PEX piping stay in place without any further issues. This saves you time during installation and future repair costs.

We offer multiple PEX Supports to make PEX installation easier, including:

  • Multiple types of brackets
  • Tube clamps
  • Tube isolators
  • Hangers
  • Suspension clamps
  • Support bases
  • Stub-out supports

With these materials, you can securely fasten your PEX piping as you complete your project. You will not have to unravel or undo piping, thanks to these support systems. This will save you time and money during your major projects.

PEX Supports and ROI

By investing in PEX Supports, you invest in the long-term stability of your plumbing or construction project. PEX is easy to work with and install, saving you valuable work time. In addition, the material holds up to temperature changes and leaks, saving potential repair and dismantle costs.

PEX Supports


Investing in PEX Supports will allow this affordable material to operate without further issues. This saves your team time and money – meaning the cost of the job will be lower, and your return on investment (ROI) will be higher.

HoldRite is the expert in pioneering and producing innovative PEX support products. If you are in the market for efficient new materials for your contracting company, HoldRite highly recommends choosing PEX and investing in our support products.

To learn more about our PEX Supports and make your first purchase, visit HoldRite’s website today!

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