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The Problem with Field-Devised No-Hub Fitting Restraints


Creating field-devised no-hub fitting restraints may seem like a worthwhile "quick fix" during a big job. In reality, the risks and overall costs associated with these ad hoc methods may not be worthwhile in the end.

HoldRite's #117 Series no-hub fitting restraints provide a professional, engineered solution that delivers time and cost savings and a high-quality, reliable final product. The #117 Series is the ideal solution for restraining hubless cast iron soil pipes against separation, even during a hydraulic jump, high-thrust conditions that can overtax makeshift field methods.

Best of all, our restraints install in minutes without on-site cutting, bending, measuring, or modifications, saving your project significant time and money.

Problems with Field-Devised No-Hub Fitting Restraints

Field methods may allow your project to pass the system test, but what happens in the long run? Can you truly trust these patchwork fixes to stand up to harsh hydraulic jump thrust conditions down the line? There's nothing worse than finding out a completed project had failed later on, especially when a workable solution was available.

Field-devised no-hub fitting restraints present a host of potential issues:

  • Often, not up-to-code - no guarantee you'll pass inspection
  • No standardization or uniformity
  • Labor intensive
  • Constructed with untested methods and materials

Field Method Case Study

One commonly used field method is using a riser clamp to create a restraint system for soil pipes and fittings. However, riser clamps are not intended to be used as a thrust restraint. You can't be sure if this solution provides adequate grip strength, a potentially catastrophic situation in the event of a significant rain event or other high-thrust situation.

Stop Wasting Money and Time

When you invest in an engineered solution, you're making a wise decision that can affect the outcome of the project, including your final budget.

Using what you readily have on hand may present immediate cost savings, but when you add up all the associated costs, HoldRite's #117 Series comes out as a clear winner.

How can the #117 Series save you time and money?

Each field-created restraint can take your crew at least 30 minutes per fitting. Even an hour per fitting is not unusual. Workers have to measure, cut, and fabricate each restraint. Using an engineered solution created specifically for the job at hand will save you a great deal of time per fitting, significantly reducing overall labor costs.

There's no guarantee your field method will provide a final product that will pass inspection. Imagine the wasted time and money associated with starting from scratch.

HoldRite's #117 Series has been created to meet and exceed industry standards so you can feel much more confident about passing local systems tests. We follow specifications laid out by leading no-hub cast iron manufacturers, the Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute (CISPI), and other codes and standards.

Our engineered solutions will not affect other manufacturers' ratings or limitations on their pipe or system components. They will not increase allowable pipe restrictions or affect fitting or coupling system pressures.

But Wait, There's More

HoldRite goes beyond the minimum to create products that offer outstanding value and unparalleled reliability.

Features include:

  • Preventing separation of no-hub pipe fittings at changes of direction or straight, inline joints
  • Protection against water blow-outs in rain leader systems
  • Supporting joints from both longitudinal movement separation and diagonal misalignment
  • The use of stainless steel, black iron, and/or rust-resistant, zinc-galvanized components
  • Straightforward installation that requires no special tools

Since all the components you'll need are included in each kit, you'll be able to calculate associated costs accurately from the outset of your project. Every kit includes your choice of sizes and the right number of galvanized straps, stainless steel band clamps, and any associated parts needed for specialized components.

HoldRite No-Hub Fitting Restraint Product Line


No matter the project, HoldRite has the engineered solution to fit your soil pipe restraint fitting specifications. Choose from No-Hub 90 and 45 Restraints in 2-8 in. and 10-15 in. sizes. Our #117 Series also features no-hub wyes, san tee restraints, no-hub combination wye restraints, no-hub reducer restraints, no-hub cleanout tee restraints, no-hub blind plug restraints, and no-hub coupling restraints in both 2-8 in. and 10-15 in. sizes.

Not sure which products are right for your job? Get in touch with one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives. We'll walk you through the selection process so you can feel confident you're ordering the correct size and quantity.

We may even help you discover other HoldRite products that can enhance other plumbing components associated with your upcoming job. For instance, our TestRite DWV inline testing systems can help keep contractors and job sites safe and dry. This next-generation testing system prevents water spillage and property damage and lasts twice as long as typical inflatable DWV testing devices. It's just one more example of how HoldRite is working hard to develop engineering solutions that are enhancing new-build, restoration, and repair jobs around the world.

HoldRite Converts Makeshift Methods into Engineered Solutions

HoldRite has been crafting quality products for over three decades. What started as a single-product family business has evolved into an international corporation and an industry-leading manufacturer. We've provided high-quality products that are being used in projects big and small for the private, public, and non-profit sectors. We've raised the bar on the "shop standard" that should be expected on any build.

We specialize in "converting makeshift methods into engineered solutions," elevating the entire industry through better quality, stronger craftsmanship, and smart innovation.

View our many HoldRite product catalogs and brochures to find the right plumbing support solutions for you.