HOLDRITE® Introduces TESTRITE® the Forward Edge in the Evolution of DWV Testing

Today’s plumbing contractor expects, and demands, innovative solutions to challenges in the workplace. The TESTRITE® DWV Testing System is THE game changer. TESTRITE® is designed with versatility in mind and can be installed in no-hub cast iron, ABS and PVC pipe systems in 2”, 3”, 4″ and 6”.  A complete test using the TESTRITE® System requires a matter of minutes.

The TESTRITE DWV Testing System can then be filled conventionally from above or a hose can be attached to the optional ¾” valve at the point of the test stem. Triple seal protection provides for a dry, safe environment. In addition to facilitating a safer work environment, the TESTRITE® System enables plumbers to work more efficiently and to stay dry themselves. The TESTRITE® System is simple to install, reusable and allows for a testing process that is up to 5 times faster than traditional methods.

TESTRITE® represents the ideal engineered solution, and the next step in innovative DWV testing.