HoldRite Gallery Challenge

HoldRite Reps Show Off Contractor Installations for World Photo Day

There’s nothing like completing a job well done — except sharing it with the world, maybe! For World Photo Day in August, we encouraged our reps and customers to post their job site photos using the hashtag #HoldRiteGalleryChallenge. Take a look at a few of the professional installations they shared with us.

Al Fletcher HoldRite Gallery Challenge

Al Fletcher shares a selfie with HoldRite PEX pipe supports for a residential plumbing job in San Bernadino, California.

Bob Gural HoldRite Gallery Challenge

Bob Gural conducted job site training to help contractors increase productivity and save money. While he was there, he captured this shot of the job site from afar.

HoldRite Gallery Doug Lynde

Doug Lynde snaps a photo of HoldRite telescoping supports on the job site.

HoldRite Gallery Jeremiah Withrow

HoldRite Gallery Challenge Jeremiah Withrow

Jeremiah Withrow takes a selfie in Denton, Texas, as he checks in on one of our trusted plumbing contractors. The mixed-use housing and commercial building across the street from the University North Texas features our firestop sleeves on the podium deck.

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HoldRite Gallery Challenge Joe Screnci

HoldRite Gallery Challenge Joe Screnci

Joe Screnci visits an apartment job site in south Portland, Maine. The plumbing contractor used a full array of HoldRite products, including pipe supports, stout brackets, suspension water heater platforms and shower plugs.

HoldRite Gallery Challenge Julian Hunter

HoldRite Gallery Challenge Julian Hunter

Julian Hunter visits a plumbing contractor who is using HydroFlame Pro cast-in-place sleeves due to ease of install and the field support provided by RWC. Locator whiskers identify the sleeve location after concrete is poured. Also available for electrical applications with green whiskers.

HoldRite Gallery Challenge Peter Regan HoldRite Gallery Challenge Peter Regan

Peter Regan helps a mechanical contractor with firestop sleeves and helps them find a solution for suspending the water heaters within Atlanta condo units. When this job is completed, the multi-tower mixed-use development will bring roughly 675,000 square feet of office space, a 64-unit condo tower and a 178-key hotel.

HoldRite Gallery Challenge Rosa Rodriguez

Though multiple HoldRite solutions are supporting this 25-story multi-family project in Houston, Rosa Rodriguez, notes that the contractor gave our DWV testing system, TestRite, a try and is extremely happy with the speed, ease of use and safety of the device.

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To see more real-life HoldRite installations, check out #HoldRiteGalleryChallenge on LinkedIn.