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Acoustic Isolation

Our Silencer products are specifically engineered to dampen noise transfer between piping and building structures.


UL Listed for water & smoke, HydroFlame provides a water seal while still guarding against the spread of fire, smoke and gases.


TestRite DWV Testing Systems meet code requirements and are rated up to 50 feet of head pressure / 22 PSI / 5 floors.

No-Hub Fitting Restraints

Ideal for restraining hubless cast iron soil pipes against separation during high thrust conditions.

Pipe Supports

Our copper-bonded pipe brackets and supports eliminate the need for makeshift methods for an easy, professional install every time.

PEX Supports

Torchless installation allows contractors to quickly install PEX tubing regardless if they stub-out in PEX or PEX-to-copper.

Water Heater Accessories

Our Quick Brand water heater accessories & equipment platforms are the most lab-tested and recognized on the market.