Tub Boxes


Attach sleeve to Tub Box

Install rear legs (cut to height)

Nail tub box to form deck

Pour concrete to top of tub box

Remove styrofoam & “knock out plug”

Slide rubber donut onto drain pipe & insert assembly through hole (Donut only required on “TW”model)

Best Practices:

  • Select the correct Holdrite HydroFlame Pro Series sleeve (match the pipe size, pipe material type and slab height)
  • Secure sleeve to form deck, per Installation Instructions. Keep red safety cap securely in place.
  • Remove red safety cap when installing pipe, no sooner. Don’t allow debris to get into sleeve.
  • Prior to inserting pipe, be sure pipe meets mfg. spec tolerance, is clean, round and smooth
  • No-hub pipe must be no more than 25/1000 below mfg. nominal OD, to assure water-tightness
    – If no-hub pipe isn’t ideally smooth & properly sized, caulk may be needed for water seal
  • Insert the pipe up through sleeve from below, providing the best chance for water-tightness
    – Keeping the pipe in the center of the sleeve will provide the best water-tight results
    – For especially tight pipe fits, apply soapy water solution prior to pushing pipe through
  • If desired, for added strength, use ½” long #8 screw to attach Locator Whiskers to safety cap
  • If desired, for added strength, use ½” long #8 screw to attach outer sleeve to inner sleeve
  • Call HOLDRITE’s technical staff for further assistance 800-321-0316
  • For further details, consult the UL Online Certification Directory (File number R25101)