Application Drawings

Aerator Adapter Box

Bathtub Drain Box-Firestop-Water Stop


Cable Sleeve-Firestop

    Clevis Hanger-Insulated

    Drinking Fountain-Water Cooler

    DWV Testing Systems

    Floor Drain Sleeve-Firestop-Water Stop

    Firestop Sealants – Caulks, Wraps & Collars

    In-Slab Tubing-Pipe Support

    Laundry Outlet Box

    Lineset Sleeve-Firestop

    Loop and J-Hangers Hangers

    Mid-Span Support

    Mop Sink-Janitor Sink

    No-Hub Fitting Restraint – 45°

    No-Hub Fitting Restraint – 90°

    No-Hub Fitting Restraint – Blind Plug

    No-Hub Fitting Restraint – Combo

    No-Hub Fitting Restraint – Reducer

    No-Hub Fitting Restraint – Straight Coupling

    No-Hub Fitting Restraint – Tee

    No-Hub Fitting Restraint – Wye

    Overhead Pipe Support

    Pipe Sleeve-Corrugated Deck-Firestop-Water Stop

    Pipe Sleeve-Slab and Wall-Water Stop

    Pipe Sleeve-Wood Deck-Firestop-Multi-Size

    Pipe Sleeve-Wood Deck-Firestop-Water Stop

    Pipe Sleeve-Wood Deck-Hollow

    Riser Clamp Isolation-Support

    Shower Drain Sleeve-Firestop-2 Inch

    Slab and Wall Water Seal-Mid-Body Only

    Strut Clamp-Insulated

    Through-Stud Isolator

    Toilet Drain Sleeve-Wood Deck-Firestop-Water Stop

    Toilet-Floor Mount-Flush Tank

    Toilet-Floor Mount-Flush Valve

    Toilet-Wall Hung-Flush Valve

    Water Flex Connector

    Water Heater Drain Pan

      Water Heater Earthquake Strap

      Water Heater Enclosure Vent Cap

      Water Heater Piping

      Water Heater Support-Suspended

      Water Heater Support-Wall Mount