PEX Stub-Out Supports

HOLDRITE® the Expert in PEX Stub-Out Supports



Protect Your Stub Out

ProGuard is a professional system that is versatile, & easy to install. ProGuard provides a rigid install while maintaining optimal outside bend radius.

  • Eliminates the need for concealed joints and costly fittings that may cause leaks
  • Compatible with All PEX manufacturers’ tubing
  • Prevents unwanted extreme turning radius that may cause PEX to kink
  • Provides PEX stub-outs with the ideal turning radius


Superior PEX Plumbing Stub-Out Protection

PEXRITE is a professional system that is versatile, fast & easy to install, eliminates in-wall fittings and concealed joints, and secures the tubing from unwanted forward or backward movement.

  • Eliminates in-wall fittings and concealed joints
  • Installs directly to the stud
  • Provides 360° turning radius in PEXRITE brackets
  • Reduces noise and vibration

For over fifteen years, HOLDRITE® has been the expert in pioneering and producing innovative PEX stub-out support products for plumbing contractors, mechanical engineers, and PEX manufacturers in the North American potable water system market.

At the forefront of the evolution of PEX in North America, HOLDRITE can listen, learn, and innovate within the plumbing ecosystem. With this applied knowledge we continue to expand our reputation for “Converting Makeshift Methods into Engineered Solutions.”