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The next generation of DWV testing is here.

TestRite® DWV inline Testing Systems are easy to install in all building types and helps keep contractors and job sites safe and dry. This new DWV Testing System meets Plumbing Code requirements and is rated up to 50 feet of head pressure / 22 PSI / 5 floors and performs up to 5X faster than inflatable DWV testing devices.

  • TestRite Test Wedge eliminates risks inherent with and lasts at least 2X as long as Inflatable DWV testing devices
  • Prevents water spillage and property damage
  • Provides system fill-up or drain-down option at the Test Tee
  • Quick and easy to install while eliminating the need for a multitude of tools
  • Available for use with PVC, ABS, or cast iron piping systems

What are the Pros Saying About TestRite DWV Testing Systems? Watch to see how TestRite saved Dave Williams Plumbing time and money.