Testrite DWV Testing Systems are Engineered to Keep Plumbers Dry

DWV Testing Systems, PVC Test Plugs

Plumbers strive to conserve water and stay dry, minimizing the likelihood of water damage to property. Traditional PVC test plugs and other DWV testing methods that require hoses, tricky placements, hauled-in air compressors or tire pumps, thread sealants, and any number of accessories take away valuable time and money from projects and contractors. Testrite DWV Testing Systems are available for use with PVC, ABS, or cast iron piping systems.

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No plumber enjoys the prospect of having to re-test a DWV system on a site where labor is critical and water access may be limited. TESTRITE® provides high value in these situations with the System fill-up or drain-down option in the TESTRITE® Test Wedge. The TESTRITE® DWV Testing System empowers the plumber with a level of control over water flow that surpasses that of inflatable testing devices. Structural water damage or mold, inflatable plug blowouts and soaking wet plumbers are a thing of the past.

DWV Testing System, PVC Test Plug
DWV Testing Sytems, PVC Test Plug


At the heart of the TESTRITE® System is the TESTRITE® Test Wedge. After simple insertion, three seals located on the Test Wedge create a seal within the test tee. The operation of the TESTRITE® Test Wedge then initiates a safe, fast and dry two fold operation. A waterway at the middle of the Test Wedge is controlled by a test stem, which is rotated clockwise to close the waterway for DWV testing. The system can then be filled conventionally from above or a hose can be attached to the optional ¾” valve at the point of the test stem.

TESTRITE® DWV Testing System

The best tools of any trade are engineered for durability and effectiveness. The TESTRITE® DWV Testing system allows for twice as many uses as a standard inflatable device, a factor that can be increased with the use of Seal Replacement Kits. TESTRITE® represents the ideal engineered solution, and the next step in innovative DWV Testing Systems.