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HoldRite Plumbing & Construction Products

HoldRite’s innovative pipe support, bracket, firestop, DWV and water heater solutions are transforming the trade.

Since the introduction of the 101-18 copper bonded pipe bracket over 30 years ago, HoldRite has been converting makeshift methods into engineered solutions. Our products have expanded from traditional HoldRite pipe brackets to PEX stub-out and stub-up pipe supports, acoustic isolation, no-hub fitting restraints and more. But we’re not just focused on pipe support products. We've leveraged feedback from jobsite pros to create new product lines that support the engineer, contractor and plumber. Our efficient, code approved solutions include:

  • With HoldRite firestop products, you can use a more cost-effective firestop system that's engineered for your specific application.
  • HoldRite TestRite DWV testing systems are safer, drier and quicker, giving you a code approved solution that's reusable.
  • Water heater accessories secure and support crucial equipment in commercial and residential applications.

In all our product lines, we recognize our value comes from providing innovative solutions to the plumbing and construction industries. We’re constantly re-evaluating designs and offerings to ensure we’re getting the most efficient HoldRite products into the hands of the professionals.

Sectors & Products

HoldRite has been established as the brand leader across varied product categories. Hundreds of millions of HoldRite products have been installed into a wide variety of construction projects, including single- and multi-family residential builds, healthcare, institutional, hospitality, retail and education. Select a line of HoldRite products to learn more about our pioneering solutions to jobsite problems, and leverage our submittal packs and firestop submittal generator to help with new project planning.