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Fire-Rated Washing Machine Outlet Box

HoldRite fire-rated washing machine outlet boxes are specifically designed to enhance safety in residential laundry spaces. These boxes are installed within walls and are equipped with fire-resistant materials and construction.

  • Compact design.
  • Paintable trim cover that Snaps into place - no adhesives or fasteners needed (will fit 1 or 2 layers of 1/2 in. or 5/8 in. sheetrock).  
    Ships with debris cover and also includes optional hot/cold valve marking labels.
  • Attaches to 170/170-26 brackets (only in top position), hyco bar or directly to studs.
  • Valves can be installed in upright or inverted position.
  • Drain knockout on both sides of box. Each drain knockout also includes (1) 3/4 in. CTS and (1) 3/4 in. IPS knockout for use with condensate or T&P relief piping (utilizing box drain).
  • Optional funnel/diverter attachment for use when utilizing condensate/T&P to provide water wall effect to avoid splashing within the box.