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4 Essential Water Heater Accessories

4 Essential Water Heater Accessories

Whether you’re installing a water heater in a residential property or a commercial building, making sure your water heater has the right accessories is integral to the property’s functionality and utility.

When it comes to tank water heaters accessories, HoldRite Quick Brand Water Heaters and Accessories provide a range of benefits that make your work experience easier and your client’s satisfaction last.

All of our Quick Brand water heater accessories and equipment platforms:

  • Meet and exceed all code requirements
  • Are independently lab tested
  • Have superior engineered design to be used for both residential and commercial markets

Keep reading to discover 4 essential water heater accessories and how they can enhance your work experience.

The Quick Shed

Tank water heaters offer a more affordable upfront cost and easy installation. But, one of the main drawbacks of tank water heaters is their inability to fare outdoor weather conditions.  

With the Quick Shed, you can install a water heater indoor or outdoor. You can enjoy the lower cost and ease of a tank system indoors and outdoors thanks to its galvanized steel construction that prevents weather tampering.   

But, that’s not all!

The Quick Shed also:   

  • Provides superior engineered design
  • Meets code requirements
  • Provides neat and orderly appearance
  • Increases inside space with its movability
  • Provides access door for easy service with a superior front panel design
  • Protects corners and transfers weight evenly across product during transportation with airspace crush zone packaging
  • Streamlines assembly with its basic tool assembly

The Quick Stand Wall Mount Platforms

The Quick Stand Wall Mount Platforms are ideal for supporting water heaters, water source heat pumps, fan coil units, and remote chillers.

These watertight support platforms eliminate the need for an additional drain pan and can adapt to concrete or framed walls and can be tailored to your installation needs.

Moreover, these engineered equipment platforms are not only strong (thanks to their galvanized steel construction) but they are also preassembled, safe, easy to install so you can rest assured that your water heater is well protected.

The various models also support 20 gallons up to 50 gallons, or 375 lbs to 750 lbs, depending on which variation you select.

The Quick Strap

Did you know? All variations of our Quick Strap product are:

  • IAMPO Listed
  • Approved by the City of Los Angeles
  • California Accepted

Not only do Quick Strap products meet all necessary code requirements, but they are also the most tested and recognized water heater restraint, so you can install Quick Strap products on your site with confidence.

One of the most popular HoldRite Quick Strap products is the Quick Strap Deluxe. Perfect for earthquake-prone California, this seismic support system offers protection for water heaters up to 80 gallons in size.

This powder-coated steel water heater strap also features four straps, two safety caps, and a Quick Link system, which allows for full adjustment from the front side of the water heater.

And with the Quick Strap Deluxe, you also have the option of a customized label with your company name on the front of the strap!  

The Quick Pan

The Quick Pan provides a quick and simple solution for when you need a drain pan under a water heater. With its galvanized steel construction, you can install a Quick Pan with the knowledge that it will protect property against water damage.

These pans are suitable for both electric and gas heaters and also come in a range of 5 sizes.

The Quick Pan also:

  • Meets Code Requirements
  • Features rolled edges for enhanced safety
  • Available with 1” PVC or 1” CPVC drain fitting

HoldRite Quick Brand water heater accessories and equipment platforms are the most lab-tested and recognized water heater bracing and support systems in the market. Whatever accessories you choose to add to your water heater, you can trust HoldRite Quick Brand accessories to get the job done right from the start.


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