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Reduce Firestop Installation Costs with the HoldRite® HydroFlame™ Pro Series


When you enhance your cast-in-place firestop solution with the HoldRite HydroFlame Pro Series, you’ll wish you’d made the switch sooner.

We make it easy to specify, stock, order, and install firestop devices that exceed industry standards. Our products can be found on wholesaler shelves throughout North America, so you don’t have to wade through exhausting pre-planning requirements or slog through multiple purchase orders, only to be restricted by tight delivery deadlines.

Best of all, the lab-tested and UL Listed HydroFlame series stands head-and-shoulders above standard cast-in solutions. Not only are our products accessible to source thanks to standardized packaging and our patented telescoping design, but they also provide outstanding safety enhancements for the end-user.

HydroFlame Pro Series cast-in devices protect against the dangers of fires, gas, and smoke spread protects the property from water damage and mold and eliminates the need to rely on makeshift installation methods.

HydroFlame Pro Product Configuration

HydroFlame cast-in devices offer several unique features.

  • Interlocking Telescoping Sleeve Design
    No need to cut sleeves onsite! The interlocking telescoping outer sleeve design allows a range of height up to a full foot. Accommodate various pipe, conduit, and cable types in a wide range of sizes. The HydroFlame sleeve provides faster installation over traditional methods.
  • Water Tight Mid-Body Seal
    The HydroFlame seal design allows you to grip pipes with up to ten times more significant contact with the pipe than other manufactured sleeve devices. They are UL W-Rated and allow for off-center pipes, too.
  • Inner Sleeve
    Forget about measuring sleeve heights. The HydroFlame inner sleeve includes an easy-to-read measurement index with both US and metric measurements.
  • Intumescent Fire Wrap
    Our UL-Listed, built-in firestop solution. The HydroFlame fire wrap prevents the spread of fire and smoke without the use of mineral wool or caulking.
  • Interlocking Nail-in Base
    Designed to fit into the tightest locations, our interlocking, nail-in base makes it a snap to integrate the HydroFlame cast-in system into any layout seamlessly.
  • Optional Metal Deck Plate
    Ideally suited for metal deck installations, but not required for wood form deck installations.
  • Dual Purpose Outer Sleeve or Sleeve Extension
    The HydroFlame Dual Purpose Outer Sleeve is for use with metal decks, while the Sleeve Extension offers extended sleeve heights above 12 in.
  • Locator Whiskers
    Quickly locate buried sleeves after a concrete pour, or quickly identify plastic pipe (red whiskers), metal pipe (black whiskers) and sleeve penetrations. Also available in green for electrical penetrants.
  • Integrated Threaded Cap
    Enjoy the convenience of secure, non-destructive removal while meeting OSHA hole cover requirements.

HydroFlame Cost Savings Analysis

HoldRite has been improving on makeshift methods used in the field for over three decades. Our products offer superior craftsmanship, industry-exceeding regulatory compliance, and perhaps most surprisingly, significant cost savings over makeshift methods many installers rely on.

For example, a typical makeshift method for installing sleeve and firestop for a 2 in. pipe through an 8 in. thick concrete slab on a wood form deck might include these steps:

  1. Select 4 in. sleeve, measure and mark for saw cutting ($3.00, 1 minute of labor)
  2. Cut sleeve, in prep for re-assembly to slab height of 8 in. (1 minute of labor)
  3. Build sleeve to height with screw gun screws and tape ($.50, 3 minutes of labor)
  4. Nail sleeve to form deck (2 minutes of labor)
  5. Remove sleeve out of the hole (5 minutes of labor)
  6. Buy material, cut, build, and install hole cover ($1.00, 2 minutes of labor)
  7. Clean-up sleeve debris (1 minute of labor)
  8. Remove hole cover, install pipe with riser clamp (2 minutes of labor)
  9. Collect, store, and redistribute hole cover upstairs (1 minute of labor)
  10. Remove riser clamp for access to annular space (1 minute of labor)
  11. Install and compact mineral wool material into annual space ($.50, 2 minutes of labor)
  12. Install fire caulk to the proper thickness and trowel level ($1.00, 2 minutes of labor)
  13. Reinstall riser clamp (1 minute of labor)
  14. Clean debris, hands and tools, and store for reuse (2 minutes of labor)

Approximate Material Costs: $6.00
Time: 26 minutes (Labor costs of $21.67 at $50/hour rate)
Total Installed Cost: $27.67

Compare this lengthy, expensive list with the HydroFlame Pro Series engineered solution offered by HoldRite:

  1. Select sleeve size and nail it to form deck ($9.00, 2 minutes)
  2. Remove cap and install pipe with riser clamp (2 minutes)

Approximate Material Costs: $9.00
Time: 26 minutes (Labor costs of $3.33 at $50/hour rate)
Total Installed Cost: $12.33

In this example, you could save over $15 per installation over an error-prone, inconsistent makeshift method, profit that you can put in your pocket.

Using makeshift methods might feel like a smaller investment at the moment until you add up your total investment and then multiply that cost by every installation your team performs. As this example clearly shows, the smarter move is to evolve your process with an engineered solution that provides both a better product and a surprising cost-savings benefit.

HoldRite manufacturers the HydroFlame Pro Series right here in the United States. Our process exceeds building code requirements so you can feel as enthusiastic as we do about our safety-enhancing, time-saving firestop solution.

Contact us today to schedule a free evaluation or to discuss which HydroFlame products can improve your next installation.

HoldRite Converts Makeshift Methods into Engineered Solutions

HoldRite has been creating quality, standard-setting products for more than 30 years. It may be hard to believe, but once upon a time, HoldRite was a single-product, family-owned business. Today, we can point to the hundreds of millions of products we’ve supplied for private, public, governmental, and non-profit industries around the world.

Our focus has always been on “converting makeshift methods into engineered solutions.” We work to enhance our industry and yours through better quality, precise craftsmanship, and smart innovation.

View our many HoldRite product catalogs and brochures to find the right firestop solutions for your next project.