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Save Time and Reduce Your Waste Stream with the HoldRite HydroFlame Pro Series


Building professionals face numerous challenges on each construction project, and as building standards and codes rise in degree and importance, contractors are turning to more innovative, custom-engineered solutions.

The manufacturing company, HoldRite, has responded to the industry’s need for an easier to install, more cost-effective firestop system with its HydroFlame Pro Series. HydroFlame helps you cut both on-site waste and construction time with a smarter, less labor-intensive approach to firestop system installation.

How Does the HydroFlame Firestop System Work?

HoldRite has replaced the time-consuming, waste-producing system that involves temporary sleeves and manual sleeve removal. The company’s HydroFlame Pro Series product is installed before pouring the concrete floor, requiring just four screws and a cordless drill. The telescoping sleeve adjusts to various concrete depths without field modification, saving you both time and resources.

The HydroFlame Pro Hollow Sleeve is a fast, simple concrete sleeve that is UL Listed to remain in the concrete after installation. There is no intumescent material included so you can install the sleeve and firestop with caulk or sealant without the removal of the plastic concrete sleeve!  The installation of this precisely engineered firestop system reduces your person-hours, construction time, and on-site waste while using a more streamlined, cost-effective process.

Waste-Reduction Benefits of HydroFlame Hollow Sleeves

Waste reduction


Your job site waste not only impacts the larger environment but also threatens worker safety and increases cleanup time. HydroFlame drastically reduces waste with its streamlined installation method.

3 Ways HydroFlame Reduces Your Worksite Waste:

1. No scrap materials generated

HydroFlame produces no wasteful byproducts such as temporary sleeves. The permanent, telescoping sleeves remain as part of the firestop system.

2. No additional packaging

Doesn't require the use of additional supplies that produce packaging and other material waste.

3. No excess construction materials

Other firestopping methods involve cut-to-length sleeves and backing material such as mineral wool that are left behind as job site waste. HydroFlame's hollow sleeve eliminates the needs for these excess materials.

Worksite waste reduction positively impacts worker safety and overall productivity, which makes HydroFlame’s Pro Series firestop system a valuable tool for replacing less efficient slab penetration methods.

How to Save Construction Time with HydroFlame Hollow Sleeves

If you’re familiar with traditional firestopping methods, then you’re aware of the material cost and labor required to complete the process according to UL guidelines. HydroFlame hollow-sleeve products virtually eliminate all the additional time and person-hours required for conventional firestop installation methods.

6 Ways HydroFlame Saves Time on Your Construction Site:

1. Telescoping sleeves

The adjustable hollow sleeves provide the perfect depth without cutting or other on-site adjustments. HydroFlame products eradicate traditionally lengthy installation times.

2. UL-Listed Cast-in-place sleeves

Temporary sleeves must be removed once the concrete dries, which consumes person-hours as your employees work to remove each sleeve from hardened concrete. HoldRite’s firestop system includes permanent sleeves that remain in place after the concrete is poured.

3. Minimal equipment involved

Your equipment and supply list for firestop installation is minimal with HoldRite’s firestop system. You'll only need a cordless drill, screws, and the usual caulking gun.

4. No messy cleanup

The simplified, cast-in-place method minimizes waste and eliminates the need for messy applications that require tool and job site cleanup.

5. Easily identify sleeves with locator whiskers

Your workers and subcontractors can quickly identify sleeves in the concrete floor using the locator whiskers on the sleeve cap, saving valuable time.

6. Threaded caps for ease of use

Maximize workflow on your job site with HydroFlame’s threaded caps for easy access. When in place, they provide a water-tight seal.

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Construction sites are filled with time-consuming variables and unforeseen complications that hinder your project deadline. You can’t always control these factors, but you can look for ways to maximize efficiency and save time in other areas, like choosing a firestop system that helps you achieve your budget, deadline, and worksite safety goals.

Contact us to find out more about how HoldRite’s HydroFlame Pro Series can reduce your waste stream and save you construction time.