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Streamline Your Workload with This DWV (Drain Waste & Vent) Testing Solution


Worker safety and productivity have always been huge hurdles when it comes to drain, waste, and vent (DWV) testing.

Often times, plumbing shop managers or contractors are on the lookout for products and processes that can increase safety and productivity in their operations. And it’s also important to have a testing solution that not only straightforward to use, but also efficient for those who are actually using the system on the job site.

That’s where the TestRite DWV Inline Testing System comes in. This revolutionary testing method delivers impressive results that are not only five times faster than traditional methods (like inflatable test balloons or test plugs that are threaded into the pipe system), but safer and more efficient.

Curious to see how else the TestRite System can streamline your workload on the job? Let’s dive in!

Safer Than Traditional Methods

The TestRite System is the plumbing industry’s ideal DWV testing system that provides safe, dry, and fast testing without complication.

TestRite meets all testing requirements for DWV systems and can be used in all types of buildings, including. Because TestRite removes the need for an inflatable device, it’s also safer than traditional methods.

The TestRite Test Wedge eliminates risks inherent with Inflatable DWV testing devices and lasts at least 2X as long. They also:

  • Prevent water spillage and property damage
  • Provide system fill-up or drain-down option at the Test Tee
  • Are Quick and easy to install while eliminating the need for a multitude of tools
  • Available for use with PVC, ABS, or cast iron piping systems
testrite system holdrite


Inflatable devices, like balloons, can suffer punctures and create the risk of injuries and water leaks. With TestRite, you’ll be able to avoid water spillage during deflation or potential safety hazards from leaks or explosions in the balloons.

Compared to traditional inflatable devices, the TestRite Test Wedge:

  • Doesn’t use a balloon
  • Can be reused

This also allows pipe systems to be filled and drained right from the device (keeping installers dry and safe!)

With these key components, the TestRite System can help keep you safe on the job by reducing the risk of leaks or injuries.

More Efficient Than Traditional Methods

TestRite is up to 5 times faster than other DWV testing methods, which means you can get your work done like never before.

Unlike standard methods, the TestRite DWV Inline Testing System gives you the ability to conduct partial tests on the job site, a capability that’s not seen in traditional inflatable testing devices. With TestRite you can utilize partial drainage if repairs are needed!

Another plus is that tests can be held for the full 15 minutes required and then some, which isn’t always the case with traditional inflatables. Having a system that holds the water level consistently longer for a longer period of time makes it easier and allows you to hold the test for as long as necessary to get the job done right.

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Moreover, you also avoid pesky leaks, compared to balloons. With inflatable devices, you can’t always be sure that the devices are functioning properly. With TestRite, you can eliminate the need for constantly checking the job site to make sure each inflatable is working as intended.

And, there’s a couple of other key benefits that save labor for workers on the field. For example, there’s no need for compressed air with the TestRite system because nothing needs to be inflated. Workers can also save time on traditional sanitary cleanouts because the TestRite Test Tees offer a more streamlined process. Your workers will also no longer have to climb to upper floors or onto the roof to fill water into the piping system because TestRite pipes are filled from the bottom up. Filling from the bottom also means fewer air pockets in the testing system, which makes for more accurate and speedier tests.

With these features and more, the TestRite System can ensure that your workers get the job done safely and efficiently.

Bigger Cost Savings When Compared to Traditional Methods

With the ease of this revolutionary DWV Testing System, you can test the systems quickly and accurately and save crucial time on the job site. The time saved from using the TestRite System often translates to lower labor costs and better adherence to work schedule.

For example, inflatable devices can leak or explode, resulting in potentially costly safety hazards. TestRite avoids potential (and costly) water spillage during deflation that can happen when removing an inflatable device by taking inflatable devices out of the testing system entirely.

When it comes to tooling costs, TestRite also helps reduce costs because most of the test wedges purchased upfront can be reused. TestRite Test Wedges have triple protection O-Rings that assure a water-tight seal and prevents water spillage and costly property damage.

testrite test wedge holdrite


The TestRite System can save you substantial money when you consider the total installed cost of the labor and materials involved in other test methods.

Are you ready to take your DWV testing into the 21st Century? Welcome to the next generation of DWV testing: our TestRite DWV Inline Testing Systems.

TestRite® DWV Inline Testing Systems are easy to install in all building types and helps keep contractors and job sites safe and dry. This new DWV Testing System meets Plumbing Code requirements and is rated up to 50 feet of head pressure / 22 PSI / 5 floors and performs up to 5X faster than inflatable DWV testing devices!

Contact us today to discover how this revolutionary testing system can streamline your workload and save you crucial time and money.

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