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Celebrating 40 Years of Innovation

Born on the Job

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40 Years of Innovating with Pros

Understanding the plumber’s perspective is part of HoldRite’s DNA. For 40 years, we’ve put pros’ feedback at the center of our research & development processes, visiting job sites to hear their input, to understand their challenges and ideas, and to ask them what would make their jobs easier.

The result? A range of commercial plumbing solutions that improve efficiencies, solve problems and result in installations that help plumbing contractors provide professional results they can be proud of. 

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It’s a labor-savings all around. When we find something that works, we’re going to stay true to that product and use that product day in and day out. We would tell anybody to use [HoldRite] if they want their job to turn out correctly.

Nicholas Rossi, field production manager at Gulf Mechanical Contractors

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