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Water Heater Stands & Platforms

Strong, safe and third-party tested water heater supports.

Strong, safe and third-party tested hot water heater stands and suspended platforms.

Whether you’re trying to save space or meet installation code requirements, Quick Stand™ water heater stands and platforms provide code-compliant support and a quick installation. QuickStand™ provides three options: floor stands, ceiling platforms and wall mounted water heater hanging platforms. Further secure your customer’s hot water heater on a stand or platform with earthquake restraints and expansion tank supports.

Quick Stand Water Heater Stands

Quick Stand takes the guesswork out of the equation with hot water heater stands designed and tested to meet code requirements. No more manual installations with unreliable results – our water heater stands are quick and easy to install. With a range of stands rated for different weights, you can easily find the right one for your specific job and save on labor costs with preassembled or unassembled options.

Quick Stand Water Heater Platforms

Choose the only engineered and tested suspended water heater platforms on the market. Quick Stand water heater shelves allow you to securely mount water heaters from a wall or ceiling when space is at a minimum. Our water heater hanging platforms can be used for both multi-family residential or commercial installations.

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