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101 Series Copper-bonded Flat Bracket

This copper-bonded steel bracket positions copper water supplies for sinks, water closets and other fixtures. Find options that are ideal for copper bullets requiring a more rigid installation and options with extruded holes for additional soldering surface.
Key features:

  • UPC / IPC / IAPMO listed
  • Allows contractors to heat the pipe, not bracket, when soldering.
Where to Buy
SKU Pipe Size Additional Sizes
101-18 1/2 in. CTS 20 in. CTS
101-26 1/2 in. CTS
101-18R 1/2 in. CTS 20 in. CTS
101-26R 1/2 in. CTS 3/4 in. CTS
More Details

Common Applications

  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Single fixture stub-out
  • Lavatory
  • Drinking fountain

Approvals & Listings

  • UPC / IPC / IAPMO listed