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EZ-Strut™ Galvanized Telescoping Trapeze Bracket

These adjustable length telescoping trapeze platforms are used with all-thread rods for suspending overhead pipes, conduits and other utilities. Ideal for multiple pipe run applications, including medical gas, natural gas, copper, CPVC and PEX.

Features and benefits:
  • Galvanized steel trapeze platform
  • Works best with HoldRite #250 and #280 clamps
  • Attaches to standard 3/8 in. all-thread rod
  • Two options available for various sizes and load ratings
  • Includes four screws for pipe clamp attachment
  • Several types of pipe clamps are available for attachment to these platforms
  • Seismic/sway bracing can be attached where all-thread connects to the trapeze
  • Material: 16 gage CRS, galvanized per ASTM-A653-99, G90