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CM Series Combo Mid-stream Position Restraint

The no-hub combo mid-stream position restraint is a combination wye and eight bend fitting restraint. They are designed to reinforce no-hub cast iron installations in accordance with the installation instructions of the U.S. cast iron soil pipe manufacturers, CISPI Designation 310-11 and the 2006 CISPI Installation Handbook. 

Each kit includes galvanized steel straps with stainless steel band clamps. When installed correctly, these no hub restraint brackets achieve a safe thrust pressure rating equal to 50 ft. Head of water pressure. 

  • Strap material: 24GA, CRS, galvanized 
  • Band material: stainless steel body, band & screw 
  • Torque: 60 in./lbs. Minimum on band 
  • Thrust force resistant test data available on request