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ProGuard™ Pre-assembled PEX Turn-out Kit for Toilets and Sinks

Designed just for PEX, these pre-assembled turn-out support kits for toilets and sinks provide PEX stub-outs with ideal turning radius, preventing unwanted extreme turning radius that may cause PEX to kink. 

Features and benefits: 
  • Compatible with all manufacturers of ½ in. CTS PEX tubing 
  • Eliminates in wall fittings and concealed joints 
  • Fire Rated: UL 94 V-0 
  • Options for integration with HoldRite #SB3 or #SB4 available 
  • All models integrate with #734 stub-out support 
  • Material: PVC, White, UL94V-0 Nylon 6/6, Purple, UL94V-0 
  • Temperature range: -10 °F to 140°F 
  • Load rating: 25 pounds