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No-Cost HoldRite Services to Help Keep Your Commercial Construction Projects on Budget and on Schedule

Commercial construction project demo

A commercial construction project is more than the sum of its products. There are several processes involved from conception to completion, including securing a bid, preparing for installation and getting the job done on time. With so many moving parts and fluctuating variables — like supply chain, PO submissions and labor costs — it can be challenging to manage it all while staying within your budget and sticking to a project timeline.  

While HoldRite products are engineered to make installations more efficient once you’re on the job site, our talented team at Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) — HoldRite’s parent company — is trained to assist you in navigating some of the variables of planning so your job runs smoothly. Here are a few key commercial building planning services we offer throughout different stages of the construction process to make sure you meet your goals. 

Estimating Services 

In the early phases of a project like planning and bidding, you need an effective estimate of materials and their related costs. Our team of qualified cost estimators has the experience, knowledge of the trades and proficiency with the latest software to complete an effective estimate of materials. By providing accurate and quick estimates, we work to ensure you succeed by submitting competitive bids. 

Take-off Estimating Services 

When it’s time to take the project from concept to reality, things can get even more tedious. Someone has to look at the plans for the project and figure out precise quantities of each product needed to include in your purchase order to the distributor. This task usually falls to someone on the installing contractor’s team, and organizing all that information floor by floor can eat into valuable time, either in an office or on the job site.  

Ordering in phases at the last minute isn’t ideal either, especially if supply chains are backed up. To help you avoid delays and free up labor hours, RWC’s take-off estimating services can minimize the labor burden of this phase of the construction process. This helps you monitor and control your budget while providing the insights you need to successfully execute your projects. 

RWC’s experienced team combines the latest estimation and take-off software with our deep knowledge of systems, applications, materials, labor rates, specifications and more. Our take-off estimating professionals proactively complete detailed, realistic take-offs for you. Estimates can be tailored to purchasing needs, either for the entire building, floor-by-floor, section of building, or however material purchasing most benefits your schedule. 

For help submitting a project to RWC’s estimation service, reach out to your local RWC representative. 

Submittal Generator 

Sometimes the products listed in the project specs aren’t the ones you’d prefer to use. If you want to use alternate materials or products, requesting additional approval from the design team can be time-consuming.  

Instead of manually sifting through product spec sheets or waiting for a manufacturer to get back to you with all your requested documents, you can use our Submittal Generator to compile a firestop submittal quickly and easily. It simplifies the process by aggregating all the necessary product approvals, UL listings and details so the design team has all the information they need to approve your submittal packages. 

Read More: How to Quickly Generate Submittals for Faster Approvals 

product specification drawing hydroflame

Aside from firestop systems, you can easily search for HoldRite’s Commercial Submittal Pack or Acoustical Submittal Pack on the Technical Downloads page. 

And if you need further assistance, our reps are happy to help do the heavy lifting and get those HoldRite products approved for you. We have over 30 rep agencies that partner with us, many of whom have Spec Sales team members to assist with this process. 

Additional Job-Site Support 

Whether you need more background on a new HoldRite solution before an estimation or your design team wants to see a product sample after you give them your submittal, our reps can help here too. They can provide additional support, such as: 

  • Product samples. 
  • Product demos. 
  • Educational presentations. 
  • Specification authorship. 

Chat through your project needs with one of our reps.  

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