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Guide to HoldRite HydroFlame Firestop Sealants


What is a firestop sealant? As pros know, a firestop sealant is a fireproof caulk substance that creates a fire barrier to prevent smoke, flames, gases and even sound from passing through vertical and horizontal construction assembly. It is intended to be installed around pipes and sleeves that are penetrating a wall or floor.

3 Things to Look for When Selecting a Firestop Sealant

There are several different brands and varieties of sealants that it can be overwhelming to figure out how to make your search for the best solution easier. When selecting a sealant, there are specific features you should look for, including:

  • Sealant made for your specific application. Firestop sealants aren’t all interchangeable. View the manufacturer’s spec sheets to find out which sealants are best for the application you’re intending to use them in. The sealant must be made to comply with building movement, temperature, pipe and penetration types, washout conditions and more.
  • Sealant that works seamlessly within a complete firestop system. Using firestop products from different manufacturers and systems in one application can compromise the integrity of your firestop methods. Choose sealants that are part of a built and tested unit of firestop products to ensure you’re complying with building codes and standards.
  • Sealant that has been third-party tested. Always use products that are independently tested by laboratories such as Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual, or Intertek Testing Services.

Not choosing the right sealant can not only lead to a failed firestop inspection, but it can also cause a system failure in the event of a fire.

HoldRite offers four different sealant options with different price points and features so you can find the best fit for your job. Browse the differences between HydroFlame 50, 100, 200 and 300 below.

HydroFlame™ 50 Smoke and Acoustic Sealant

Ideal for installations where HoldRite Silencer™ noise and vibration dampening systems are being used.

The HoldRite HydroFlame 50 Smoke & Acoustic Sealant seals against smoke and sound in non-rated horizontal or vertical construction assemblies. It’s designed to work with and complement HoldRite Silencer series noise and vibration dampening systems. The HydroFlame 50 is easily dispensed using a caulking gun and provides a flexible, paintable surface once cured.

Other important characteristics:

  • Meets LEED criteria.
  • Low VOC content.
  • FBC™ system compatible.
  • Easily cleans up with water.
  • Clean Air Gold certified.
  • High STC rating 69.
  • 2-year shelf life.
  • Safe for plastic and metallic pipes.
  • Will not react to bituminous coatings on cast iron pipes.
  • ASTM G-21 Mold Resistant.

HydroFlame 100 Firestop Sealant

Ideal for: Fire-rated construction assemblies in wood frame or concrete construction.

HoldRite HydroFlame 100 is a general-purpose elastomeric water-based single-component non-sag firestop sealant. It’s compatible with a variety of pipes and penetrations including plastic, metal, cables and ducts.

When properly installed, HydroFlame 100 prevents the passage of smoke, gasses and flames through openings around penetrating items and can be used in areas and conditions where dynamic movement is expected.

HydroFlame 100 is ready to go right out of the package and doesn’t require thinning or mixing. Simple to install, it can be dispensed from any standard caulking gun or bulk loader designed for 10-, 20- or 30-ounce packaging. You can also trowel it out of a 5-gallon bucket.

Other important characteristics:

  • Low VOC.
  • Paintable.
  • Excellent freeze-thaw capabilities.
  • High STC Rating 65.
  • 3-year shelf life.
  • FBC™ system compatible.
  • Easily dispensed with a caulking gun or trowel.
  • G21 tested for obstruction of mold growth.
  • Clean Air Gold certified.
  • Safe for plastic and metallic pipes.

HydroFlame 200 Firestop Sealant

Ideal for: Intumescent firestop applications.

The HoldRite HydroFlame 200 has the same features and characteristics of HoldRite HydroFlame 100, but it is best for applications requiring high-performance intumescence. Use this sealant in areas that have larger annular spaces that need to be sealed. It is also better suited for some plastic pipes, such as larger size ABS that melt at a faster rate than pipes like PVC.

HydroFlame 300 Firestop Caulk Grade and Self-Leveling Sealants

Ideal for: Areas that need quicker curing sealant or where vibration, movement or moisture is expected

The HydroFlame 300 fire resistant silicone sealant comes in two varieties: caulk grade and self-leveling. Caulk grade can be used on walls or floors, while self-leveling can only be used on floor penetrations. Self-leveling requires no tooling, but the caulk grade will need to be tooled within the opening.

Other important characteristics:

  • Flexible ±33% movement.
  • Low VOC.
  • Repels water, making it great for W Ratings or washout conditions.
  • Excellent freeze-thaw.
  • 1-year shelf life.
  • FBC™ system compatible.
  • Easily dispensed (caulking gun or trowel).
  • Antifungal properties.
  • UL GreenGuard Gold Certified.
  • Gray color to match concrete floors or walls.
  • Single component silicone.

A Complete Firestopping Solution

Though important, a sealant is just one part of a complete firestop system. Explore HoldRite’s other HydroFlame Pro Series products – such as cast-in-place sleeveswrap stripspipe collars and putty pads – to get the job done faster and more efficiently.

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