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Gulf Mechanical Contractors Completes Firestopping Faster

Watch HydroFlame Firestop Sleeves - Gulf Mechanical Testimonial | HoldRite on YouTube.

With 20 years of plumbing mechanical experience, Nicholas Rossi, Field Production Manager at Gulf Mechanical Contractors has used HydroFlame Pro firestop sleeves since day one. On this project, Nicholas and his team are using HydroFlame Pro on all penetrations in slab. Some of the biggest benefits they see from the sleeves are the versatility of the telescoping feature, which speeds up their install, and the built-in water tight mid-body seal that does not require any additional time or labor to achieve a W-rating. Check out this video to see how the team at Gulf Mechanical Contractors optimizes their time with HoldRite HydroFlame Pro Firestop Sleeves.