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Water Heater PVC Drain Pan

HoldRite Quick Pan™ PVC water heater pans with drain fittings have rolled edges for safety and are compatible with gas or electric water heaters.  

Key features: 

  • Meets code requirements 
  • Rolled edges for safety 
  • Aluminum pan with 1 in. PVC drain fitting 
  • Includes a compact 1 in. bulkhead fitting 
Where to Buy
SKU Size
QP-20 20 in.
QP-22 22 in.
QP-24 24 in.
QP-26 26 in.
QP-28 28 in.
QP-30 30 in.
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Common Applications

  • Water Heater Drain Pans
  • Gas water heaters
  • Electric water heaters