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Plumber performing a DWV test with TestRite.

DWV Testing Systems

The days of inflatable testing for drain, waste and vent systems are over.

Easy-to-install DWV testing systems that keep contractors safe and dry.

Traditional test balls are a thing of the past. TestRite™ drain, waste and vent solutions are the safer, drier and quicker DWV testing method. Pressure test DWV systems up to five times faster than plumbing test balls or inflatable test balloons, while preventing water spillage and property damage. Plus, the test plugs for our wedge test can be reused more often (5-10 times more) than traditional test balls and the insert plugs securely manage daily water flow when testing in complete. Discover a more efficient way to install and test your DWV system with cleanout tees, wedges and plugs from HoldRite.

Quick Facts: 

  • DWV test system meets plumbing code requirements and is rated up to 50 feet of head pressure, 22 psi and five floors.
  • Provides DWV system fill-up or drain-down at the HoldRite test tee.
  • Lab-tested and IAPMO (UPC/cUPC/IPC) listed.
  • Available for use with PVC, ABS or cast iron* piping systems with 2 in., 3 in., 4 in. and 6 in. piping solutions.
  • Allows for partial pressure test or re-test of DWV system.

*TestRite no-hub cast iron test tee is black PVC material for use in markets permitting hybrid systems.