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K Series Short Sweep 90° Bend No-hub Fitting Restraint

Pick from a range of short sweep quarter-bend restraints depending on the pipe size you’re working with.  

The 117-K 10, 12 and 15 in. sizes retain the 90° elbow onto the adjoining pipe. When installed correctly, these restraint brackets achieve safe thrust pressure rating equal to 50 ft. Head of water pressure for 10 in. models and 40 ft. head of water pressure for 12-15 in. models. 

Features and benefits: 
  • 2-8 in. kits include two galvanized straps and five stainless-steel band clamps 
  • 10-15 in. kits include galvanized straps and black iron pipe clamps 
  • Options for pipes sized 2-15 in. 
  • “G” denotes all galvanized steel components