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6 Ways HoldRite Firestop Sleeves Make Installations Faster

HoldRite firestop sleeve installation

Understanding the plumber’s perspective has always been a top priority at HoldRite. We recognize that our value comes from constantly providing innovative product solutions to the plumbing industry.

That’s why we created the HoldRite HydroFlame Pro Series Cast-in-Place Firestop Sleeves. These UL Listed firestop devices provide a watertight seal for unwanted water intrusion while still protecting against the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases. It’s different from a number of other firestopping options, too, providing solutions to the common challenges of using those alternatives.

Common Challenges with Firestop Systems

Effective and consistent fire protection can be difficult to achieve. The most common firestopping challenges that slow contractors down include:

  • Penetration quantity. When you’re dealing with multiple penetrations through one opening, such as with cables, it can be hard to ensure the firestop material is properly placed around and in between them.
  • Speed. Traditional firestopping is a multi-step process — from placing a sleeve to adding mineral wool and sealant individually. All those separate trips to the penetrant location add up, both in time and labor costs. Colder temperatures or high levels of humidity can extend sealant curing time from a couple days to a week and a half, too, potentially delaying inspection.
  • Consistency & human error. The quality of firestop installations can vary if you’re working with several components and in separate phases. When you manually install various components of a firestop system, you have to make sure you apply the correct type, amount and compression of mineral wool and sealants, which leaves room for error. If an inspector finds that the installation isn’t done correctly, you have to redo the whole process, a costly situation that delays not only your task but the work of other trades.
  • Specification changes. If you don’t have a versatile firestop system with multiple capabilities, you may have to pause your work to order additional sleeves in different sizes or simply always stock multiple pre-cut sleeve sizes, which can run up costs.

How HoldRite HydroFlame Pro Cast-in-Place Firestop Sleeves Streamline Installation

This firestop system is easy to specify, stock, order and install. Plus, they’re available on wholesale distributors’ shelves across North America.

Now you can say goodbye to frustration, significant pre-planning requirements, complex purchase orders, tight delivery deadlines and job site fabrication challenges.

HydroFlame Pro

The HoldRite HydroFlame Pro Series sleeves can help contractors install faster and keep jobs on schedule by:

Minimizing sleeve cutting on the job site. The telescoping sleeve design allows a height range of 2 1/2 in. to 11 3/4 in. with extension sleeves available for slabs thicker than 11 3/4 in. Use the measurement guide system, which includes U.S. and metric units, that’s built into the side of the sleeves to quickly adjust and set height.

Eliminating laborious installation methods with built-in firestop materials. HydroFlame Pro sleeves take the traditional multi-step firestopping process and simplify it. Since they come firestop-ready right out of the box, all you need to do is set it and forget it until concrete pour.

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Providing a quick way to locate sleeves post-pour. Locator whiskers that attach to the sleeve’s cap, color-coded red for plastic or metallic pipe and black for metal pipe, allow you to easily find buried sleeves after concrete pour. That means no additional labor time popping the cap off from the underside of the concrete slab. Some contractors tell us they save 45 minutes to two hours per floor depending on how many penetrants they have.

Expediting inspections. HydroFlame Pro Series sleeves are UL Listed firestop devices and meet and exceed UL and cUL Listed building and fire codes in the U.S. and Canada. They’re also UL W-rated out of the box for proven water-tightness.

Reducing field installation errors. Since HydroFlame Pro sleeves come with the factory-metered dose of firestop materials already, you don’t have to worry about details like which sealant to use and how much. This solution provides additional peace of mind, all while improving UL fire ratings.

Simplifying inventory purchases. Because HydroFlame Pro sleeves accommodate various pipe materials, sizes and slab thicknesses, they help minimize inventory variations.


While time is a crucial factor on commercial job sites, safety, labor costs and inventory accessibility are other important elements HydroFlame Pro addresses with its innovative design.

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