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How Engineered PEX Pipe Supports Offer Immediate and Long-Term ROI

PEX bracket

We know how important it is to seek out the latest and most useful building materials and methods to keep your commercial or residential plumbing installations efficient and cost effective. One that more and more contractors are gravitating toward for affordable, simple installations and quick construction project completion is cross-linked polyethylene, or PEX. This tubing material is an attractive piping choice for several reasons: 

  • PEX is cheaper than copper and other tubing materials. 
  • PEX is easy to work with since it’s more flexible. 
  • PEX tubing leaks less than other materials. 
  • PEX can handle freezing temperatures better without bursting. 

PEX requires additional support to operate at its full potential. Since it’s a flexible pipe that can bend and kink easily, it needs appropriate brackets and fittings for installation.

PEX bracket

HoldRite’s many PEX pipe supports are designed to help you execute large construction or plumbing projects quickly and easily when you use PEX. Here are a few reasons to pick engineered pipe supports over the field-devised methods that you may be used to making or seeing. 

PEX Pipe Supports Save Time 

Time is money on the job site, so finding plumbing solutions that are quick to install and reliable is key. When working with PEX, you need to quickly attach the piping to different fixtures during the installation process to reduce the risk of kinks. Getting rid of a difficult kink or finding one later takes a lot of time to fix, adding to your labor costs. 

Engineered PEX pipe supports allow you to quickly and securely fasten PEX as you complete your project — no need to unravel or undo piping. This ensures that long runs of pipe stay in place, saving you time during installation and future repair costs. 

PEX pipe supports come in many forms, too, to make installations easier: 

  • Multiple types of PEX brackets 
  • Tube clamps 
  • Tube isolators 
  • Hangers 
  • Suspension clamps 
  • Support bases 
  • Stub-out supports 

How PEX Pipe Supports Provide a Return on Investment 

In the short term, simply using PEX saves you valuable work time and labor since it’s easy to work with and quick to install. It's also durable, holding up to temperature changes and minimizing leaks, which saves on potential repair and dismantle costs.

PEX pipe supports then amplify these savings in a few key ways. 

Protection against job-site damage. When other workers accidentally damage stub-ups, it can lead to costly repairs and replacements — not to mention job delays. There are many things that can damage PEX stub ups — from pallet jacks and forklifts running them over to the installation of prefab wall or column forms and the removal of overhead forms. This affects the integrity and professional appearance of your installation. Supports like the HoldRite 703 help prevent these scenarios by protecting PEX via a protective recessed cavity in the upper portion of the concrete floor.

Watch How To Protect PEX Stub-ups with HoldRite 703 | HoldRite on YouTube.

Reducing material costs. While cobbling together a pipe support using leftover materials on the job site may seem economical at first, this approach doesn’t provide the versatility or peace of mind that some engineered supports give you.  

Instead of having to create or buy a separate support for each situation, solutions like the HoldRite Stout Bracket feature a telescoping design that allows you to adjust the length to meet your installation needs and is ideal for several applications. Plus, they integrate with industry standard components, so you can use it with other materials you’re used to.  

Other solutions, like the 704 PEX stub-out support helps you save on parts since it doesn’t require costly copper bullets. 

PEX bracket

Long-term reliability. By properly supporting your piping, you further invest in the long-term stability of your plumbing installation. That’s because engineered pipe supports are often tested, certified and listed, so they’re held to industry standards set forth by entities like UPC, IPC, IAPMO, unlike makeshift supports. This is just one way these solutions provide peace of mind. Additionally, you can find supports made from durable, long-lasting materials like the galvanized steel PEXRite brackets are made from.  

This helps ensure that you won’t have to double-back because of a pipe support failure, which not only wastes valuable time and labor but can also damage your reputation.

Benefits of HoldRite PEX Pipe Supports

HoldRite offers a full range of in-slab and in-wall PEX supports, and our unique designs offer additional benefits to contractors looking for something versatile, streamlined and reliable.  

HoldRite PEX pipe supports: 

  • Reduce the need for in-wall fittings. 
  • Minimize concealed joints for a professional project finish. 
  • Protect your stub-outs and stub-ups from damage. 
  • Provide a flame-free environment at stub-outs.  
  • Work with all PEX manufacturers.  

These solutions don’t require a torch for installation either. With these supports, you can quickly install PEX tubing regardless of other materials you may use. In fact, you can even use them with PEX-to-copper stub-outs. With a minimal learning curve, HoldRite PEX supports are also straightforward enough for even the newest member of your team.

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