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3 Essential Electrical Products for Faster, More Reliable Job Site Installations

Electrical junction box support

While HoldRite may be known for its new construction plumbing solutions, electricians often share many of the same base needs when installing conduit, wiring and cabling. To replace the time-consuming and labor-intensive installation methods that pros navigating the skilled trade labor shortage can’t afford to use, this suite of commercial electrical products is designed to provide superior performance and support for building projects, without increasing costs.

In-wall Electrical Supports

Designed to help you install faster while better supporting your conduit than field-devised methods, these engineered in-wall electrical supports are made of durable galvanized steel and feature integrative and adjustable designs for versatile positioning.



Telescoping Electrical Brackets

There are a couple of adjustable designs to choose from depending on your wiring needs. Stout Bracket™ Galvanized Telescoping Brackets come in various telescoping lengths. The wide-face model is ideal for outlet and junction boxes, while the standard model is best for wire and conduit management in a horizontal or vertical run.

The EZ-Strut™ Galvanized Telescoping Trapeze Bracket features all-thread rods that you can adjust to set the support to the length you want. Ideal for multiple runs, it comes in two telescoping ranges for various sizes and load ratings. This design works best with the #250 Variable Closure Isolation Clamp, which can accommodate a range of cable and conduit sizes, securing them onto brackets and other surfaces.

Pipe support


In-slab Electrical Stub-ups

For a quick and secure way to position electrical stub-ups before concrete slab pour, HoldRite pop-up in-slab tubing supports — 707-E and 708-E for electrical applications — allow for easy zip-tie installation so you can put the deck down easily and uniformly. This manufactured solution is not only readily available and easy to get, but it’s also superior to unreliable and unproven field-devised ways of supporting electrical stub-ups.

Another option, the 703 In-slab Tubing Support, helps prevent stub-up damage post-pour with a protective recessed cavity in the upper portion of the concrete floor for single or double runs of conduit. Plus, you can use its protective cover plate with locator whiskers to easily identify the location of your electrical stub-ups after concrete pour. This is also useful if the general contractor wants a smooth surface to work on since the 703 allows you to finish the deck.

Firestop Systems

No matter what your preferred method of firestopping, finding a reliable firestop system is paramount — as is getting the job done on time. To meet a range of needs and preferences, these solutions run the gamut from do-it-yourself firestopping to options that take care of that for you.

Firestop electrical sleeves


Firestop sleeves

The same cast-in-place firestop sleeves that commercial plumbing contractors love for their versatility and quick installation are also available for cable bundles and conduit through concrete. If you’re used to using metal sleeves, you know how much time and labor goes into making separate trips to place the sleeve, mineral wool and sealant individually. While metal sleeves may save you up front on material costs, labor costs outweigh material costs every time. With that in mind, we made HoldRite concrete sleeves for electrical conduit pre-fabricated with firestop materials built in to provide more labor savings for installers.

If you’re already using cast-in-place sleeves, these take that familiar option to the next level with a green base to easily identify electrical firestop openings from the underside of the slab and green locator whiskers for quick identification from the topside of the slab. That’s even more time saved. Instead of having to stock multiple pre-cut electrical conduit sleeves sizes, you can pick from two adjustable designs — telescoping and adjustable cap — to meet any specification changes. They come with four brand new UL systems specific for electrical trade applications to accommodate a variety of cables and multiple electrical penetrations.

Putty pads

If you’re looking for a more traditional firestopping option, you can use HydroFlame Firestop Putty Pads to firestop metallic and non-metallic electrical outlet boxes. This non-curing single-component fire-rated putty system adheres to the box well and doesn’t fall off boxes as easily as other options on the market. It isn’t saggy or oily either and has superior flexibility to avoid splitting.

Firestop sealants

Quickly firestop conduit, flexible conduit and cable bundles with HydroFlame 100 or HydroFlame 200 firestop sealant, both of which are water-based intumescent sealants. A general-purpose firestop sealant, HydroFlame 100 works for a range of applications and budgets and is ideal when working in wood-frame buildings. HydroFlame 200 takes that foundation one step further as a commercial-grade high-performance intumescent-grade sealant, expanding at a greater force and filling bigger openings. This workhorse sealant does everything HydroFlame 100 can do and more.

These engineered solutions allow you to complete installations faster with fewer people, lowering labor costs — no small thing in today’s construction environment. Explore the full suite of HoldRite commercial electrical products.

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