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Introducing HoldRite® HydroFlame™ Firestop Sealants


You spoke. We listened. HoldRite understood your needs and based on your feedback we have expanded our product line beyond our cast-in-place solutions to offer a complete line of firestop solutions designed to exceed your expectations. Our goal? HoldRite wants to be your single source for firestop and sleeving solutions.

The new HoldRite line includes:

Our new series was created to work efficiently with:

  • A wide variety of wall and floor penetration application solutions
  • Commercial and residential construction
  • Wood-framed and concrete construction

HoldRite HydroFlame Firestop Sealants

New HydroFlame sealants protect vertical and horizontal construction assemblies from:

  • Smoke penetration
  • Acoustic penetration
  • Flame intrusion
  • Gas intrusion

Our sealants are compatible with:

  • Interior rated gypsum
  • Concrete
  • Block walls
  • Rated concrete floors
  • Concrete over metal decking floors
  • Wood floor and ceiling assemblies

HydroFlame sealants also work with:

  • Cast iron
  • Steel and steel conduits
  • Copper pipe and tubing
  • Non-metallic pipes such as PVC, CPVC, ABS, PVDF PEX, PP, XFR and more
  • Cables and bundles
  • Sheet metal ductwork

HoldRite HydroFlame 100

HoldRite HydroFlame 100 is an elastomeric water-based single-component non-sag firestop sealant. When properly installed, HydroFlame 100 prevents the passage of smoke, gasses, and flames through openings around penetrating items and can be used in areas and conditions where dynamic movement is expected.

HydroFlame 100 is ready to go right out of the package and doesn't require thinning or mixing. Simple to install, it can be dispensed from any standard caulking gun or bulk loader designed for 10, 20 or 30-ounce packaging. You can also trowel it out of a 5-gallon bucket.

Characteristics include:

  • Flexible (Elastomeric)
  • Low VOC
  • Paintable
  • Excellent freeze-thaw
  • High STC Rating 65
  • 3-year shelf life
  • FBC™ system compatible
  • Easily dispensed with a caulking gun or trowel
  • G21 tested for obstruction of mold growth
  • Clean Air Gold certified
  • Safe for plastic and metallic pipes

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HoldRite HydroFlame 200

HoldRite HydroFlame 200 is for applications requiring high-performance intumescence, and otherwise, has the same features and characteristics of HoldRite HydroFlame 100.

HoldRite HydroFlame 50

HoldRite HydroFlame 50 Smoke & Acoustic Sealant seals against smoke and sound in non-rated horizontal or vertical construction assemblies. It's designed to work with and complement HoldRite Silencer™ series noise and vibration dampening systems.

Characteristics include:

  • Easily dispensed using a caulking gun
  • Provides a flexible, paintable sealant once cured
  • Meets LEED criteria
  • Low VOC content
  • FBC™ system compatible
  • Easily cleans up with water
  • Clean Air Gold certified
  • High STC rating 69
  • 2-year shelf life
  • Safe for plastic and metallic pipes
  • Will not react to bituminous coatings on cast iron pipes
  • ASTM G-21 Mold Resistant

HoldRite HydroFlame Wrap Strips


HoldRite HydroFlame Wrap Strip is a high-performance, highly intumescent flexible wrap strip designed to prevent the passage of flames and toxic gases. When heated, the wrap strip forms a protective char that seals openings around the penetrating items or completely seal the annular space that is exposed once combustible pipes melt away to prevent the passage of hot gasses and flames to migrate to the other side of a fire-rated assembly. HydroFlame Wrap Strips can be used with a custom collar.

Use HydroFlame Wrap Strips with:

  • Fire-rated assemblies
  • Large combustible pipe
  • Insulated pipe penetrations within concrete or masonry walls
  • Concrete and wood floors
  • Gypsum wall assemblies

Characteristics of the new HydroFlame Wrap Strips include:

  • No curing time
  • Excellent freeze-thaw properties
  • Simple to apply
  • Systems up to 12 in. (PVC)
  • Flexible
  • Forms hardened char after expansion
  • Highly intumescent
  • Can be installed from the top side of floor eliminating the need for ladders (refer to specific UL details)
  • FBC™ System Compatible
  • Clean Air Gold certified

Other new HoldRite HydroFlame products:

HoldRite® HydroFlame™ Pipe Collars Featuring an interlocking tab for easy installation, HydroFlame Pipe Collars help save time and expense compared with other manufacturer's smaller collars. Our collars are pre-assembled with highly intumescent material and are ideal for use in open and closed through-penetration firestop systems. Use HydroFlame Pipe Collars for firestopping larger pipe penetrations.

Our collars are compatible with:

  • Concrete floor and wall assemblies
  • Gypsum walls
  • Rated wood floors

HoldRite HydroFlame Putty Pads

HoldRite HydroFlame Putty Pads are made of a moldable, non-curing, single component fire-rated material. Used for membrane-penetration firestop systems, our putty expands when exposed to heat to form an insulating char to protect against spreading flames, smoke, gas, and water through penetration openings. No mixing required.

HoldRite HydroFlame Caulking Guns

  • Our new caulking gun is designed for standard viscosity materials
  • Full-size handle for comfortable, efficient dispensing
  • Double gripping plate technology for no slipping and long life
  • Convenient rotating swivel barrel
  • Durable sausage pistons prevent bag-wrap

This newly expanded lineup will make HoldRite your go-to source for all of your firestop and sleeving solutions. We are continuing to evolve our lineup of products and are always listening to what our customers are saying providing you the quality you’ve come to expect from HoldRite. We’ll see you at a job site soon!