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NDI Relies on 3 RWC Plumbing Solutions for University of Nevada Residence Hall Project

NDI Plumbing residence hall project for University of Nevada

Neil DeMent, owner of NDI Plumbing, knows that time is of the essence on every job site. With that in mind, he chose three RWC plumbing solutions – HoldRite HydroFlame Pro firestop sleeves and ProGuard pipe supports as well as SharkBite EvoPEX fittings and PEX pipe – when tasked with firestopping and plumbing a seven-story residence hall project for the University of Nevada. NDI Plumbing values quality, dedication and durability – goals that RWC helps them to uphold.

RWC provided support from the estimating of the job to the ordering of the material to the installation to the completion of a leak-free system.

Neil DeMent, Owner of NDI Plumbing
HoldRite bracket installation in NDI residence hall project.

The Key to Effortless Firestopping and Pipe Support 

In the past, DeMent had to use firestop materials that required many tools and labor-intensive methods. However, instead of having to submit to old-school methods, such as caulking, DeMent’s team used HoldRite HydroFlame Pro firestopping sleeves for effortless concrete penetrations.  

“[HydroFlame Pro sleeves] were an integral part of our fireproofing from the parking structure to the living structure,” DeMent said. “With your [sleeves], we were able to eliminate all of the need to fire caulk to get that separation.”  

With the locator whiskers and height adjustability of HydroFlame Pro, DeMent’s team was able to perform quick, code-approved firestopping.  

In addition to firestopping, NDI Plumbing used HoldRite ProGuard brackets and clamps to support and protect their stub-outs. According to DeMent, the pipe supports secured the pipe throughout all phases of the construction.  

“It secured our piping in the wall before they dry-walled,” DeMent said. “And we didn’t have to worry about the drywallers messing it up at all. It was just a really good fit.” 

EvoPex installation in NDI Plumbing residence hall plumbing project.

A Leak-Free Plumbing System 

Next, NDI Plumbing wanted a reliable plumbing system to pair with reliable pipe supports. Their main goal was productivity – completing the job as efficiently as possible. Fortunately, SharkBite EvoPEX fittings and PEX pipe are designed for quick and secure installations from meter to fixture.  

For DeMent, the green indicator is key. When pushed to proper depth, the green tab indicates an installation that is guaranteed to last. Because EvoPEX doesn’t require any special tools, his team was also able to install quicker than traditional plumbing methods.  

“Your fittings are simple — minimal tools, minimal training necessary, very efficient,” DeMent said. 

About NDI Plumbing 

With about 50 employees, NDI Plumbing is based out of Sparks, Nevada, and works on local and state projects in residential, commercial and industrial construction. Having been in business for 20 years, NDI Plumbing is made up of certified and experienced technicians that provide reliable and efficient plumbing services.