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Stasco Mechanical Uses HoldRite and SharkBite Systems for Shepard Center Family Housing

HoldRite brackets and supports with TestRite tee

Every plumbing contractor strives for the fastest, most reliable plumbing solutions. For this Atlanta build, Stasco Mechanical’s mission goes beyond meeting deadlines and controlling quality.  

The Shepard Center in Atlanta is a non-profit hospital that provides rehabilitation for people with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, chronic pain and other neuromuscular problems. In 2022, the Shepard Center announced the construction of Arthur M. Blank Family Residences.  

This donor-funded housing allows families to stay close by while their loved ones are in rehabilitation. At 16 stories high and with 160 units available, the Blank Family Residences are built to accommodate the increasing demand for family housing. Tasked with installing the plumbing system for these new units, Stasco knew they’d need solutions that were not only efficient, but reliable. 

The Complete PEX System 

Wilson Kirk, contracted with Stasco Mechanical, values efficiency and reliability more than anything for this project. For Kirk, this is imperative so families can move in on time. By using the industry-leading plumbing brands like HoldRite and SharkBite, families won’t need plumbing repairs for years and years to come.  

This multi-family project relied on SharkBite PEX-a pipe and HoldRite pipe supports and brackets to run pipe quickly and easily across each unit. By using RWC products together, Kirk not only knew the products would be compatible, but that the RWC 25-year warranty could cover the entire system if something went wrong.  

pex pipe in commercial build

SharkBite PEX-a pipe is a cross-linked polyethylene pipe approved for use in both residential and commercial installations. Kirk turned to PEX-a for its flexible design, which allows for longer pipe runs, saving time and reducing potential leak points.  

For this installation, there were a lot of crowded spaces. Using typical rough-in plumbing methods would have made installation slower and more frustrating, but SharkBite PEX-a's flexibility reduced the number of fittings, making it an easier and faster process for the installer.  

“[PEX] makes it a lot easier — there are no joints in the ceilings. With concentrated areas, [PEX] makes finding leaks and running pipes a lot easier,” Kirk said. 

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pex and testrite commercial install

PEX-a pipe’s flexibility also means it needs the right supports — that’s where HoldRite comes in. As superintendent, Kirk trusts HoldRite for the job because of the versatility and quality of the materials.  

To set the PEX in place and run the lines properly, this site used HoldRite in-wall supports like brackets, inserts and PEX supports. These supports minimize concealed joints and reduce in-wall fittings, making for sturdy installs that prevent noisy pipes.    

This site also used HoldRite overhead supports for seamless pipe runs from the fixture to the ceiling. These secure supports provide an efficient solution for high and tight runs, perfect for commercial jobs like Kirk’s.  

[HoldRite] has easy installation and is made for specs. Out here, we have 24-inch walls and use the 24-inch brackets, so we can get what we need.

Wilson Kirk, Superintendent with Stasco Mechanical

These supports are versatile and are available in multiple sizes along with fire-rated options. Because they’re easy to install, they also make the job go by faster, and with all necessary code approvals, they make for a reliable install.  

Here are Kirk’s top support picks for this project: 

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Reliable Testing Systems 

testrite commercial install

Beyond using a complete PEX system for this commercial project, Kirk looked to TestRite, HoldRite’s DWV testing system, for fast, reliable testing.

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Since efficiency and safety are always top of mind for Kirk, using this drain, waste and vent solution was a no-brainer. The first DWV product Kirk used was the TestRite™ PVC DWV test/cleanout tee with plug for vertical testing of PVC piping systems. This versatile test tee allows you to check for leaks and provides a cleanout in case of blockages — all from the same port.  

This site also used the safe, reliable TestRite™ test wedges for their easy installation. These test wedges are 5x faster to install than traditional DWV testing methods like test balls. Plus, each test wedge lasts 2x longer than inflatable devices.  

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