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DWV Testing: How TestRite Improves Safety, Testing Times and Cost Savings

testrite test wedge and test tee

Worker safety and productivity have always been huge hurdles when it comes to drain, waste and vent (DWV) testing. So if you’re tired of the traditional inflatable test balloons or test plugs, you’re not alone. While you’re looking for new solutions that can help tackle these issues, it's also important to search for a DWV testing system that is straightforward to use.

To provide pros with an option that checks all these boxes, HoldRite engineered the TestRite DWV inline testing system. This testing method is not only 5 times faster than traditional systems, but it’s also safer.

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Discover a few ways TestRite makes DWV testing more manageable and productive. 

Safer DWV Testing 

One of the main issues with traditional DWV testing methods is safety. Inflatable devices like balloons can suffer punctures and create safety hazards and water leaks. They can also sometimes involve dangerous testing situations, exposing contractors to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) “Fatal Four,” or the top causes of worker fatalities. 

Because TestRite eliminates the need for an inflatable device, it’s safer and drier, preventing water spillage and property damage. Through its unique design, it prioritizes safety by: 

  • Allowing system fill-up or drain-down option directly at the test tee
  • Providing a triple-seal protection design that ensures a dry, safe environment. 
  • Undergoing lab tests and IAMPO (UPC/cUPC/IPC) certification. 

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More Efficient DWV Testing

What makes TestRite up to 5 times faster than other DWV testing methods? This too is a result of its innovative design.

Fewer steps. Testing a DWV system is already a tedious process, but there are a few key TestRite benefits that help pros cut down on labor.

  • There’s no need for compressed air because you don't need to inflate anything.  
  • TestRite only requires one simple tool and fewer steps to complete the test. 
  • You can save time on traditional sanitary cleanouts because the TestRite test tees offer a more streamlined process.  
  • No need to climb to upper floors or onto the roof to fill water into the piping system. TestRite pipes are filled from the bottom up. That means fewer air pockets in the testing system, which makes for more accurate and speedier tests.
testrite test wedge and test tee

Better versatility. Unlike standard methods, the TestRite DWV inline testing system lets you conduct partial tests. And if you need to make repairs, you can also use partial drainage. 

Another benefit of this system is that you can hold tests for the full 15 minutes required and then some, which isn’t always the case with traditional inflatables. Having a system that maintains the water level consistently for a longer period makes the testing process easier and allows you to hold the test for as long as necessary to get the job done right. 

TestRite’s design also offers additional versatility with: 

  • Availability for use with PVC, ABS, or cast-iron piping systems.  
  • 2, 3, 4 and 6 in. piping solutions.  
  • Test wedge options with or without fill/drain valve.

More reliability. With inflatable testing systems, you can’t always be sure that the devices are functioning properly. If there’s a leak, testing a DWV system becomes even more time consuming. And with inflatable test balls, there is no way to only let some of the water out to fix the issue. You have to drain all the test water and start over.

Because TestRite takes inflatable devices out of the system entirely, you don’t need to constantly check the job site to make sure inflatables are working as intended.

More Cost-Effective DWV Testing

With the ease of the HoldRite DWV testing system, you can test systems quickly and accurately, saving crucial time on the job site. The time saved often results in lower labor costs and fewer job delays. 

System durability. For example, inflatable devices can leak or explode, resulting in potentially costly safety hazards. Because TestRite is durable and follows a completely different design, you avoid potential (and expensive) water spillage during deflation that can happen when removing an inflatable device. 

Materials costs. When it comes to tooling, TestRite helps reduce costs in a couple ways. First, it only requires one installation tool, not many. Secondly, most of the test wedges can be reused, providing at least twice the number of uses as inflatable devices. You can also replace the o-rings, if damaged, to extend the life of the device. 

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