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HoldRite's New Innovation Center Featured in Plumbing Engineer Magazine’s September Issue

Construction contractors installing PEX pipe on metal form deck

HoldRite is rapidly growing. And as it is growing, the privately held manufacturer is focusing on designing innovative plumbing solutions that will help improve the plumbing professional’s experience.

Over the past 30 years, HoldRite has gone from a single product family business to the international corporation and industry leader it is today. The company’s products have been installed in a variety of projects, from single-family and multi-family housing to hotel, government, military, health care, and institutional markets.

It is the variety of the projects that HoldRite products have served that has helped the company to always keep in mind that its products are part of a system. The success of a project depends not just on the manufacturer but on the collaborative efforts of developers, architects, engineers and contractors. That is why HoldRite's strategy motto is, “converting makeshift methods into engineered solutions.”

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