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Test Wedges

The key to safe, fast and dry DWV wedge testing.

Pressure test DWV systems with test wedges instead of test balls. 

TestRite test wedges give you better control of water flow than traditional DWV plumbing test balls. Plus, they’re more efficient and faster to install. 

HoldRite’s DWV test wedges make it easy to temporarily block the DWV stack on multiple floors for up to five levels of pressure testing. And our test wedges with a valve option also allow you to fill and drain — or save — water directly from the test point. So, you can run a test on multiple levels in sequence, or drain out and refill wherever you need, safely.  

More durable than traditional plumbing test balls, the triple seal protection of our DWV testing system keeps you dry and your test site safe from water spill hazards. Plus, the reusable test wedge provides up to ten times more uses than inflatable devices and can be rebuilt for further use with the appropriate replacement kit.  

Browse test wedges (with valves and without) below or find compatible assembled cleanout tees for a complete DWV system test that’s efficient, reusable and up to code.