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Copper stubouts on copper bracket pipe support.

Copper Pipe Supports

Copper pipe mounting brackets and supports offer a versatile, engineered solution.

Streamline installs with engineered copper pipe support brackets and clamps.

Copper pipe supports eliminate the need for makeshift methods and increase efficiency on the jobsite. Our copper support brackets can be used in various applications, including toilets, sinks, stub-out fixtures, shower heads, lavatories and drinking fountains. Browse a range of poly, steel and copper pipe wall mounts that are compatible with copper as well as other pipe types like PEX and CPVC

Made by a unique process, HoldRite’s copper-bonded pipe brackets and supports allow you to heat the pipe, not the bracket. In addition to our copper brackets, you’ll find multiple horizontal, vertical, pre-fab and pipe-on-pipe mounting applications. 

  • With copper-bonded steel support brackets, the tubing supports are soldered onto the bracket. The holes are extruded for extra strength and soldering surface. 
  • With poly copper pipe supports and pre-assembled kits, stub out applications are faster, simpler and torchless. We also have single stub-out poly clamps and isolator clamps to reduce sound.