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Water heater stand with pan.

Water Heater Accessories

Stands, platforms, straps – everything you need to install water heaters safely and efficiently.

Save time and increase job site safety with HoldRite water heater connectors and accessories.

Water heater connectors, platforms, stands, sheds and bracings take the hassle out of installations for residential and commercial applications. Our water heater accessories are third-party tested, proven to connect, elevate and secure water heaters so they use less floor space and are protected against damage from earthquakes. 

HoldRite water heater connectors, supports and accessories are:

  • Compliant with all code requirements, including UPC 508.2 (Seismic Restraints), UPC 508.4 (Pans), UPC 508.14 (Stands) and UPC 508.27 (Sheds). 
  • Independently tested in third-party labs. 
  • Designed for both residential and commercial markets. 
  • Built to the highest quality.
  • Provide quick and safe installs.