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101 Series Copper-Bonded Flat Bracket

Copper-bonded stub-out bracket.

Eliminate makeshift pipe support solutions with HoldRite copper brackets. The 101 series copper-bonded stub-out bracket can be used in multiple household applications including toilet, sink and water heater installations. Copper tubing is soldered directly to the flat bracket, so you only have to heat the pipe. The copper-bonded steel flat bracket can also be used with PEX and CPVC pipes. Choose the HoldRite 101 series copper-bonded flat brackets for rigid installation and extruded holes for additional soldering surface.

Features and benefits:
  • 16 gage CRS, copper-bonded.
  • 5/8 in. holes on 2 in. centers.
  • Ideal for lavatory/sink or water closet.
  • UPC / IPC / IAPMO listed.
  • Flat Bracket for simple and versatile installs.
  • Allows contractors to heat the pipe, not bracket, when soldering.
  • 25 lb load rating.