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T Series Test Tee No-hub Fitting Restraint

Test tee no-hub fitting restraints for pipes 2-8 in. and 10 in. The 117-T series retains a test tee / cleanout tee onto adjoining piping. All four bands must be tightened to 60 in./lbs. Minimum. When installed correctly, these restraint rackets achieve a safe thrust pressure rating equal to 50 ft. Head of pressure. 

Features and benefits:
  • For pipes 2-8 in., kits include two galvanized straps and four stainless steel band clamps 
  • For pipes 10 in., kits include two black iron pipe clamps and two galvanized straps with T-bolts  
  • Torque: 60 in./lbs. minimum on bands 
  • Thrust force restraint test available upon request  
  • ā€œGā€ denotes all galvanized steel components