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PEXRite™ Pop-up PEX Concrete Support

In-Slab Flexible Pipe Supports for Cast-in-Place Applications

When installing PEX in concrete slabs, PEXRite™ pop-up supports for flexible PEX pipe are ideal for positioning tubing and wiring. Our in-slab PEX supports are designed for side-entry of tubing, mounting to form decking or slab-on-grade with rebar, and other configurations to meet your job requirements prior to pouring concrete.

Our pop-up models support a range of flexible pipe types and conduit with single- and double-run options. Easily install copper, flexible and rigid conduit, or PEX in concrete with reinforced polypropylene PEXRite supports.

Features and benefits:
  • Options available for PEX, soft copper, flexible conduit and rigid conduit 90s. 
  • Models allowing easy zip-tie installation and manifold capability with interlocking feet available.
  • -E models applicable for electrical as well as plumbing applications.