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How These 3 Plumbing Solutions Keep Residential Builds on Schedule


When working in residential construction, it’s often difficult to meet project deadlines, control quality and stay on budget — especially when using field-devised methods. If you’re struggling to meet these requirements, HoldRite offers engineered plumbing solutions that prevent common errors and reduce installation time.  

Whether you’re working on a single-family home or apartment complex, you often face project delays that could not only harm your project, but your credibility. At HoldRite, we value your reputation and make it our mission to provide innovative, reliable solutions that make project challenges less impactful to your timeline and bottom line. Below are three ways choosing the right products can save you time on the job.  

 1. Outlet Boxes

One of the major challenges in residential construction is the lack of product availability. Whether shipping is delayed, or products are out of stock, you may wait months for products to arrive. Juggling the various wait times associated with your product SKUs could make this even worse, resulting in an inefficient project that’s hard to manage.  

For residential new construction, tradespeople have found that HoldRite’s innovative plumbing products can support them in the face of these delays and labor shortages. One solution stands out as easy to use, cost-effective, and the ideal rough-in plumbing solution — outlet boxes.  

HoldRite Outlet Box Infographic.

HoldRite outlet boxes have practically eliminated the finishing work that’s usually associated with the rough-in process. Here are some important benefits of both our fixture and washing machine outlet boxes.   

With HoldRite outlet boxes, you can:  

  • Cut your SKU count in half
  • Save on material costs
  • Streamline pre-installation planning
  • Reduce installation time
  • Prevent costly errors

Additional features and benefits:  

  • Available in copper, CPVC and PEX tailpieces
  • Pre-assembled for quick installation
  • Designed for tight spaces
  • Near 360-degree movement allows you to install it in any orientation
  • Come in fire-rated and non fire-rated  
  • Easily installed using a hyco bar or HoldRite 170 bracket. 

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 2. DWV Testing System 

Traditional plumbing methods are time-consuming and prone to failure, meaning major delays for your residential project. Before the TestRite DWV system, you had to meticulously install inflatable test balls to test your drain, waste and vent systems. This method requires a myriad of tools and often needs to be replaced after just five uses. This ineffective system wastes time and labor costs, leaving you with more to do and less time and resources to do it.

The key to avoiding these issues is to use the most efficient products that will best serve your application. For new builds, this could mean switching out traditional DWV testing methods for a more modern one: TestRite DWV testing systems.

TestRite is a testing system that uses test tees and test wedges to fill and drain the system. This allows you to fill the system at the test tee location and drain it by simply using the fill-and-drain stem on the tee.  

Watch TestRite DWV Testing System Animation | HoldRite on YouTube.

Fewer Tools

TestRite test plugs eliminate the need for air pumps, compressors, thread sealants and more. Without these extra steps, you reduce installation time and save on material and labor costs.  

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Get more out of each test with TestRite. Our testing system can be used up to 10 times more than traditional test balls and the replaceable o-rings extended the life even further. 

Fewer Leaks

Test balls are easily ruptured and are notorious for leaking. The cleanup, potential damage and safety concerns associated with these ruptures only make your job harder. Avoid these issues with TestRite, which is triple-sealed and is rated up to 50 feet of head pressure for up to five floors. Not only that, but the entire system can be filled and drained straight from the test point.  

Gerald Coleman, foreman at Miller Mechanical, uses TestRite DWV testing for his residential projects because it’s drier and quicker than traditional methods. “There's no leakage on the floor. All you do is open up the little valve and it's all going down into the sewer. That helped us,” Coleman said.  

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 3. Pipe Brackets

HoldRite brackets and supports with TestRite tee

Makeshift methods are common in the construction industry, but they misuse materials and drastically decrease project safety and longevity. By switching to engineered solutions, you get faster, more reliable methods that make the best use of your time and materials. One of the most popular solutions among plumbing contractors is our line of pipe supports and brackets.  

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Pros know us for our reliable in-wall supports like brackets, inserts and PEX supports. These supports minimize concealed joints and reduce in-wall fittings, making for sturdy installs that prevent noisy pipes. These durable solutions will support your craftsmanship, minimize damage and can be used in all residential applications.  

Wilson Kirk, superintendent with Stasco Mechanical, trusts HoldRite’s brackets for his residential builds because of their durability and ease-of-use. “[HoldRite] has easy installation and is made for specs. Out here, we have 24-inch walls and use the 24-inch brackets, so we can get what we need,” Kirk said. 

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HoldRite PEX supports have become more and more popular and are ideal for installing SharkBite PEX pipe. Since SharkBite and HoldRite are both part of RWC’s family of brands, you have the added security and peace-of-mind knowing these products are compatible and backed by a 25-year warranty. These in-wall supports could not only save your residential project time and labor costs, but their strategic design makes them durable and easy to install.  

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