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HoldRite Solves Jobsite Challenges for Par Plumbing


For over eight decades clients throughout the five boroughs of New York City have relied on PAR Plumbing, a division of The PAR Group, for expert plumbing services – including the plumbing work for major construction projects.

Fitting the Pipes in the Walls at a Luxury Condominium High-Rise

When PAR was contracted to provide all of the plumbing for Riverside K, a 32-story luxury condominium ground-up construction project on Manhattan’s West Side, they knew that space inside the walls would be tight. Installing drain, waste and vent piping and the domestic water piping in the available space would be a challenge. To solve this problem, PAR Plumbing turned to HoldRite®, the industry leader in secondary pipe support and alignment bracket systems.

To incorporate the pipes into the walls in very confined spaces, PAR used a variety of HoldRite support systems.

“Without HOLDRITE’s pipe support systems we would have had to create custom metal supports,” explains Brendan McMonagle, PAR Plumbing’s Vice President of New Construction. “It would have taken hours to cut and fabricate metal pieces in the field to equal what came out of the HOLDRITE box. HOLDRITE’s pipe support systems got the job done in much less space than field-cut metal supports. So construction went faster and we were able to easily solve the problem of tight space within the building’s walls.”

Preventing Flooding in a High Rise Retrofit

The top twenty floors of a building located across the street from the World Trade Center were being converted from commercial space to high-end condominiums. PAR Plumbing was the plumbing contractor for this extensive retrofit project.

An issue that PAR Plumbing ran into on this project involved the piping on the tenth floor of the building. A major telecom company had all of their digital equipment systems installed on the ninth floor. This organization wanted to be absolutely certain that the pipes PAR were installing would not come apart, flood the building and put their systems out of commission.

HoldRite is the standard for us now. We use their products in all of our jobs.

Brendan McMonagle, Vice President of PAR Plumbing

To make things even more challenging, space inside the walls where the pipes were being installed was extremely tight. To address both the space constraints and the telecom company’s concerns about potential flooding, PAR made extensive use of the HOLDRITE #117 Series No-hub Fitting Restraints.

The HOLDRITE #117 No-hub Fitting Restraints are ideal for restraining hubless cast iron soil pipe joints against separation during high thrust conditions, and engineered to meet plumbing codes and pipe manufacturers’ installation instructions.

For this project, #117 No-hub Fitting Restraints were attached to the base stack fittings of the sanitary and storm lines. Given the fact that PAR installed hundreds of restraints on one floor alone,  was a significant installed cost saver when compared to the field-devised alternative: cutting  individual threaded rod, pipe clamps, custom cutting all the pieces, and assembling each one with miscellaneous hardware.

“The HOLDRITE #117 Series No-hub Fitting Restraints installed very quickly in the tight ceiling space we were working in,” notes McMonagle. “They saved us a tremendous amount of installed costs.  It was just a matter of pulling the restraint out of the box, putting it together with a ratchet gun and we were done in just a few minutes for each installation. This was the first time we used these engineered restraints in such mass quantity, and it was a big help for us. It drastically cut our installed costs while giving us the same security of not worrying about the plumbing joints coming apart and flooding the building.”