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TestRite Featured in Supply House Times' Manufacturer Q&A - April Issue

Plumber performing a DWV test with TestRite.

TestRite – The Forward Edge in the Evolution of DWV Testing

Today’s plumbing contractor expects and demands, innovative solutions to challenges in the workplace. The TestRite Inline DWV Testing System is THE game changer. TestRite is designed with versatility in mind and can be installed in no-hub cast iron, ABS and PVC pipe systems in 2 in., 3 in. and 4 in..

Plumbers are familiar with traditional DWV testing methods such as inflatable test balls, TestRite is new;  how can we be sure that TestRite is safe?

TestRite meets all plumbing code requirements, and is lab tested and IAPMO UPC/cUPC/IPC listed. The system is rated for up to 50 feet of head pressure (about five floors).  And it also provides the ability to fill or drain‐down the test water right at the point of the test tee. TestRite is proven safe and effective— and in addition, it prevents water spillage and resulting “slip and fall” hazards along with potential property damage.

Water is often a problem on a job site. When an inflatable test ball is released it often results in the escape of large amounts of water out of the fitting and onto the surrounding floor and onto the user. This can cause all sorts of problems. How is TestRite different?

TestRite features triple-seal O-Ring protection. The product has been engineered to prevent water spillage, which can result in “slip and fall” hazards, property damage and mold issues. Because it prevents water spillage, TestRite also helps keep plumbers dry. Any contractor on a construction site can appreciate that…especially in cold weather. That can be miserable!

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