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PEX Pipe Supports

From telescoping stout brackets for stub-outs to pop-up in-slab pipe supports, HoldRite’s durable and versatile PEX pipe supports are designed to maximize on-the-job productivity. The supports are engineered as a safer, more efficient solution to makeshift methods, such as wood block supports or other field-devised techniques.

HoldRite’s PEX Pipe Supports help:

  • Reduce the need for in-wall fittings.
  • Minimize concealed joints for a professional project finish.
  • Protect your stub-outs and stub-ups from damage.
  • Provide a flame-free environment at stub-out and stub-up locations.

Explore our lines of in-wall and in-slab PEX supports below.

In-wall PEX Pipe Supports

Mount and protect in-wall PEX in stub-out applications. 

in-wall pex pipe support installation

In-slab PEX Pipe Supports

Protect PEX from damage before and after pouring concrete.

in slab pex pipe stub up