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Water Heater Stands, Platforms and Accessories

HoldRite is your one-stop-shop for all water heater equipment and accessories. From water heater platforms and stands to pans, restraints and connectors. HoldRite Quick Brands are the most lab-tested and recognized water heater support systems in the market. Our superior engineered products are independently lab tested and provide high-quality and safe installations. HoldRite water heater accessories are:

  • Compliant with all code requirements, including UPC 508.2 (Seismic Restraints), UPC 508.4 (Pans), UPC 508.14 (Stands) and UPC 508.27 (Sheds).
  • Independently tested in third party labs.
  • Designed for both residential and commercial markets.
  • Built to the highest quality, while ensuring quick and safe installs.

Our water heater stands, platforms, sheds and straps provide a secure installation process that allows you to make the most of the space you’re working with while staying up to code. Find the right model and supporting water heater accessories below:

Water Heater Resources

From water heater stand and platform spec sheets to water heater strap and shed installation instructions, we have the documentation you need for a clean install.

RWC: One Manufacturer for Water Heater Solutions

Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) manufactures a full range of solutions for water heater installations through its SharkBite, HoldRite, and Cash Acme brands.

Watch this quick video showcasing all that RWC has to offer for water heater installations.