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Take Your Future Multi-Family Build to the Next Level


Are your plumbing installation crews wasting time trying to fit incompatible PEX tubing stub-outs with inferior products that can kink, leak, and flatten the PEX tubing? Elevate your next build with HoldRite ProGuard PEX supports and see how we can help you “transform makeshift methods into engineered solutions.”

HoldRite ProGuard Features and Benefits

Meet due dates with ease thanks to HoldRite ProGuard PEX supports. These innovative, supports will transform your next multi-family build, saving you money, time, and frustration. Superior products lead to superior final projects. Even beginner installers can handle this hand-tightening support that requires no concealed joint fittings, so you can save valuable time on training and demonstration.


  • Secures PEX tubing from unwanted forward and backward movement
  • Protects PEX stub-outs
  • Compatible with PEX, copper, and CPVC
  • Are installed inside the wall - no need for concealed joints and costly fittings that may leak
  • Provides 360-degree turning radius so you can position peg tubing even in tight spaces
  • Reduce noise/vibration
  • Is fire-resistance-rated (meets UL94 V-O flame rating)
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Can be hand-tightened - no special tools required
  • Is compatible with all PEX tubing
  • Integrates directly with #SB3 and #SB4 HoldRite Stout Brackets

The Importance of Optimal Bend Radius


ProGuard makes it easy to maintain the optimal outside bend radius recommendation of 3.3 in. to 3.4 in. HoldRite’s ProGuard PEX stub-out solution will allow for an error-proof install that won’t result in unexpected repairs or replacements.

Incorrect bend radius can create many problems:

  • Kinking
  • Flattening
  • Reduce the flow rate inside the PEX tubing
  • Increased turbulence noise
  • Possible loss of PEX tubing warranty
  • Weak or damaged tubing

HoldRite ProGuard:

  • Allows for a grip of 1/2 in. nominal tubing
  • Stays within drywall thickness
  • Maintains optimal bend radius to prevent kinking and flattening
  • Reduces the risk of damaged tubing and leaks
  • Remains flush with the drywall surface

HoldRite ProGuard Time and Cost Savings

When you upgrade to HoldRite ProGuard supports, you’re switching to a better, more innovative product, and you’re also making a smart business decision that can impact your project from start to finish.

ProGuard saves your time and money by:

  • Reducing downtime spent on training - ProGuard is so simple to install that “newbie” employees can get up to speed right away
  • Providing quicker installation, so you can move on to the next phase sooner
  • Pairing you with a team of responsive, industry-leading experts who will promptly address any unexpected issues

HoldRite ProGuard Product Line-Up

HoldRite Stout Bracket

ProGuard is designed to integrate directly with HoldRite #SB3 and #SB4 Stout Brackets and is ideal for the shower, sink/lavatory, toilet, water heater, and vertical mid-span installations.

Features include:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Telescoping design
  • Support both 2-eared and 3-eared 90s
  • Supports PEX, CPVC, and copper

HoldRite ProGuard Clamps

The central component of the ProGuard support solution, our patented, industry-leading stub-out clamps integrate seamlessly with #SB3/SB4 HoldRite Stout Brackets.


  • Model 731: Ideal for 1/2 in. CTS PEX-to-copper transition, copper, CPVC at lavatory/sink or toilet
  • Model 732: Ideal for 3/4 in.  CTS PEX-to-copper transition, copper, or CPVC at the water heater
  • Model 734: Ideal for ½ in. CTS PEX tubing only

HoldRite ProGuard Pre-Assembled Kits

Our pre-assembled kits make it easy to pick-up-and-go whether you’re on a tight deadline or need to easily hand over components of your pipe installation phase to a less experienced tradesperson.

Our pre-assembled kits are ideal for multi-family construction, where the same or similar plumbing setups will be installed several times. No need to sort and assemble kits for your team.

All ProGuard pre-assembled kits are PEX, copper, and CPVC compatible and fire-rated UL 94 V-O.

Water Heater Kits

Our water heater kits are designed for modern water heaters (3/4 in. CTS).

  • SB3-7322 includes (1) SB3 Stout Bracket and (2) 732 stub-out clamp supports (quantity 25)
  • SB4-7322 includes (1) SB4 Stout Bracket and (2) 732 stub-out clamp supports (quantity 25)

Toilet, Sink and Lavatory Kits - PEX to copper transition

These kits are specially designed for a toilet, sink, and lavatory installations (1/2 in. CTS).

  • SB3-7311/SB3-7312 includes (1) SB3 Stout Bracket and either (1) or (2) 731 ProGuard stub-out clamp support(s) (quantity 25)
  • SB4-7311/SB4-7312 includes (1) SB4 Stout Bracket and either (1) or (2) 731 ProGuard stub-out clamp support(s) (quantity 25)

PEX-Only Toilet, Sink and Lavatory Kits

These pre-assembled PEX-only turn-out kits provide PEX stub-outs an ideal turning radius and prevent extreme turning radius that could cause PEX to kink. These clamp supports eliminate in-wall fittings and the need for concealed joints.

  • 734 is the turn-out support for 1/2 in. CTS PEX tubing only
  • SB3-7341/SB3-7342 includes (1) SB3 Stout Bracket and either (1) or (2) 734 ProGuard stub-out clamp support(s) (quantity 25)
  • SB4-7341/SB4-7342 includes (1) SB4 Stout Bracket and either (1) or (2) 734 ProGuard stub-out clamp support(s) (quantity 25)

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Learn More About HoldRite ProGuard

HoldRite has been your plumbing industry expert in pipe support and alignment bracket systems for over three decades, bringing innovation, practical solutions, and products that perform better to every job. ProGuard continues this tradition with a system that installs in minutes, connects to the major types of tubing, and is available directly through your local plumbing distributor.

To discover more about our revolutionary HoldRite ProGuard PEX support products, check out our informational videos and our ProGuard brochure, available online. We welcome you to call for a free sample at (800) 321-0316 or visit us online. Visit us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

HoldRite has established a reputation as a leading manufacturer known for innovative products and services in such categories as pipe and equipment support systems, acoustical plumbing solutions, water heater accessories, DWV testing systems, and water and firestop sleeving systems.

All HoldRite pipe support brackets are created in the US and meet the “Buy American Act.”