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HydroFlame™ Pro Telescoping Electrical Firestop Sleeve

HydroFlame™ Pro electrical telescoping firestop sleeves are ideal for metal or plastic conduits up to 6 inches in diameter or single cables or cable bundles up to 4-1/2 inches in diameter.

Features and benefits:
  • Can be cut down as low as 2-1/2 in.
  • Sleeves come with a green locator whisker to easily identify electrical penetrations above the slab after the concrete has been poured.
  • Sleeve comes with a green colored base to easily identify electrical penetrations from underneath the slab after concrete has been poured.
  • For use in new commercial concrete floor construction (flat deck concrete, post tension concrete slabs, and concrete over metal decking).
  • Telescoping design adjusts from 7-1/2 in. to 11-3/4 in., in ¼ in. increments.
  • Safety caps meet OSHA hole cover requirements.
  • Built-in fire, smoke, gas and water protection.
  • Sleeve design manufactured with a UL W-Rated seal and is watertight for most penetrant types and sizes. Refer to UL system details for specific sizing requirements.
  • Allows for contraction, expansion, movement and off-center penetrants.
  • Reduces piping system noise transfer by maintaining annular spacing.
  • Interlocking base capability assists with layout alignment.
  • Extensions available for slabs over 11-3/4 in.
  • ULC 50 Pa Ratings.
  • Tested to ASTM E814, UL 1479, and CAN/ULC S115 testing standards.
  • ASTM E90 acoustic isolation data available.
  • ASTM G21 mold and mildew.